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Mother Son Incest Erotica

Title:  A Mother's Decision

Series:  Decisions No.1

Author: John E. Jay

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lotís Cave

Language: English

Length:  37,021 Words

ISBN:  LC1000116

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3D Ebook Cover - A Mother's Decision - Decisions No.1 - by John E. Jay

A Mother's Decision


Marcie smiled broadly and said, ďOh I know youíll please me and satisfy me and take good care of my needs, honey. Youíll hurt me when you enter me the first time because your cock is so big, but Iím going to love letting you fuck me and making love with you will be wonderful too. I can see weíre going to need to take it very slowly the first time since youíre so big. I think itíll be a good idea to use some lube the first time. I think I can understand why Suzie wanted to grow a little more before she let you put that thing in her pussy honey.

ďI think I can handle it and Iím ready, but Iíd like you to get me off with your fingers first so my pussy will be really ready, and put some lube in my pussy before you try to enter me with your big cock. Getting me off with your fingers will make me relax and if Iím relaxed itíll be easier for you to get your cock inside me. The lube will help too. Thereís a tube of KY Jelly in the nightstand. Itís really old. I havenít needed it since your dad died, but it should still be good.

ďI really want you David.Ē She looked at him with lust filled eyes and she could see him struggling with the emotion he felt for her. She knew he loved her very much and now he was feeling the rush caused by knowing she was going to let him fuck her. He was so excited he was shaking. She took him in her arms and kissed him hard with her tongue in his mouth.

He kissed her back hungrily and held her tight with one of his arms around her waist as he undid her zipper and pulled her shorts down with the other hand. Then he pushed her back onto the bed. He helped her get out of her shorts and panties, and she moved into the middle of the mattress. She loved the feel of his strong hands on her body. She automatically raised her knees and opened her thighs wide. He could see her pussy juice in her vaginal entrance so he knew she was already wet, ready to accept his cock, but he remembered she wanted him to make her come before he fucked her so he said, ďLet me play with your clit and get you off before I try to enter you. After I make you come Iíll go get the KY jelly, Mom.Ē

She grabbed his cock and guided it toward her slit, but he said, ďI need to get you ready before I put my cock inside you, Mom. You said you wanted me to make you come and put lube inside your pussy first. Let me make sure youíre ready so I wonít hurt you when I go in you. I donít want to hurt you. I want our first time together...



Marcy, a nearly thirty-eight year old blue-eyed, blond MILF has a son, David, who has a problem. His high school girlfriend, Suzie, is reluctant to have sex with him. David is agonizing over the situation. His mother becomes obsessed with the problem. She canít sleep and her work is suffering from neglect. What to do? She finds a simple, but unusual solution by violating one of the oldest taboos.

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Brother Sister Incest, multiple partners


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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