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Twelve all-new, sizzling-hot erotic tales of incest fill out this volume from Esmeralda Greene. Every one of the stories in this volume appears only in this collection, and will never be available individually. In this book you'll find joyous, upbeat, wildly imaginative, and deliciously naughty mother-&-son incest-themed tales, brought to vivid life by a true mistress of erotic literature!

Mother Son Romance & Incest

Title:  A Chain of Mothers

Series:  N/A

Author: Esmeralda Greene

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Esmeralda Greene at Lot's Cave

Language: English

Length:  42,888 Words

ISBN:  LC1000089

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Book Cover Photo - A Chain of Mothers - by Esmeralda Greene

A Chain of Mothers


Later, as we were lying on our sides facing each other, I put on an exaggerated pouting face as I rubbed my sore buttock. “You spanked me,” I complained. “And hard!”

“You liked it,” he said simply.

“Yes, I did,” I admitted, unable to hold back a smile. “How did you know I'd like it?”

Walter only shrugged.

“Well it gave me quite a surprise,” I said. “I guess a woman doesn't expect her own son to start slapping her ass like that, even if he is fucking her at the time.”

“But you aren't my mother, remember?” Walter said. “Not here. Here you're Sarah. You're my woman, and I can do anything I want with you.”

I chuckled, putting a hand at the back of his neck and pulling us toward each other until our foreheads were touching. “This vacation is having an effect on you, isn't it Wally. It's bringing out a side of you I haven't seen before. A very, very sexy side of you.” I moved my lips to his and started kissing him.

And then I let out a shriek. Walter had given me another hard spank, and landing on my already red and stinging buttock, it burned like fire.

“Don't call me 'Wally',” Walter said. “That's a kid's name.”

“All—all right, Walter,” I said when I could breathe again. Then I rolled onto my back, spreading my legs and tugging on my son's shoulder to get him back on top of me. “Y—your woman needs you to fuck her some more now, Walter.”

Quite a while later we were dressing to go out to dinner. “Wait,” Walter said as I was pulling on my pantyhose. “No pantyhose. Tomorrow we can see if they sell stockings and garter belts in town, but meanwhile just go without.”

“Yes Walter,” I said obediently. “Anything else?”

Walter extended his forefinger and moved it up my chest, hooking it behind the point where the cups of my bra came together. “I think we can do without this too,” he said grinning lecherously.

I hesitated for a moment. My breasts are not small, and they don't have the buoyancy they did when I was eighteen. But the way Walter was ordering me to do this thing made it deliciously sexual, and I was helpless to deny him. I unfastened the bra and slipped my arms out of it so that it hung limp from my son's hooked finger. He tossed it aside and then gripped both my nipples and pulled me to him for a kiss. “Oh god,” I sighed, “if I weren't so damn hungry I'd say we should put off dinner long enough for you to fuck me again.”

Walter grinned at me, and again it was that predatory leer, like a wolf eyeing the rabbit that's going to be its next meal. Without speaking he slid his hand down inside my panties and began stroking my pussy. He probed inside me, making his fingers wet, and then brought that wetness up to my clit, fondling and teasing it.

A minute or two later I had my hands on Walter's shoulders, clinging to him for support as my knees half-buckled. “Oh god yes...” I whispered into his ear. “Yes... yes... yes...”

And then suddenly his hand was gone. “C'mon, finish getting dressed,” Walter said. “I'm hungry.”

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