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Nikole, a barely legal girl engaging in the pleasures of father daughter sex soon finds her sexual curiosity peaked by another. Knowing Nikole and her cousin couldn’t be more different, their desire for incestuous sex nevertheless brings their passions together. Can Nicholas see passed Nikole’s sexual relationship with her father in the hopes of starting their cousin-cousin romance?

Kissing Cousins Romance & Incest

Title:  A Braided Rug of Hurt and Healing

Series:  N/A

Author: C. Shields

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot's Cave for C. Shields

Language: English

Length:  22,059 Words

ISBN:  9781310845949

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Book Cover Photo - A Braided Rug of Hurt and Healing - by C. Shields

A Braided Rug of Hurt and Healing


“What’re ya doin’ messin’ with the water heater?”

His head popped up from behind the heater.

“That damned thing don’t work good as it is, and now yer gonna put it outta its misery?” she said with an agitated scowl.

To him, she looked like an angry forest nymph in that big green robe—a sexy forest nymph, that is. This thought irritated him since even hard work was insufficient for him to stop feeling attracted to her.

“I’m not “messin’“ with anything, and I’m not going to put anything out of its misery, although at this moment, Nikki, you’re giving me ideas,” he said.

She arched a snooty eyebrow.

“I’m trying to fix it. Four pilots are covered in dust, and only two are burning, so you’re only getting a third of this heater’s capacity, needless to say,” he said as he rose and pulled his bandanna out to wipe off his hands, and then his frowning brow.

Nikki’s own brows popped up coolly. “Needless to say, but ya still hadda,” she honed.

He shot her a glare from across the top of the water heater but she was unfazed. Then he slipped his bandanna back into his pocket and picked up the heater’s lid and closed it off.

She crossed her arms impatiently. “Done now? Or are ya still plannin’ on messin’ with it a while longer?”

His handsome face went stony as he looked at her with fiery blues. “You know, Nikole?” He narrowed eyes angrily on her unimpressed, cool face. “You’re just about the meanest, most ungrateful girl I’ve ever met. It must be something about living up here like some backwoods hillbilly that brings out the bitch in you.”

She arched a dark eyebrow. “Seein’ as I’m no female dog, I reckon yer callin’ me a bitch cuz I hurt ya feelin’s. Is that it, cousin?” she purred coldly and didn’t wait for an answer as she turned and exited the shed.

Nicholas cursed beneath his breath before he shot after her, unwilling to let her have the last word. “No,” he said as he walked behind her while she continued on nimble feet back to the open door of the kitchen. “It’s what we call girls that don’t know how to be civil!”

“Just cuz ya lived down in so-called civilization don’t automatically make ya civil, cousin,” she said snootily, as she walked with back ramrod straight, arms crossed, and pretty much the stuck-up little queen she was.

And he was following her like her goddamn lackey! “What the hell would you know about being civil?” he sneered.

She had stepped up the four steps to the open door, and only when the folds of her big green robe swept aside a moment did he see a long smooth, slender leg clear to her soft hip—goddamn! She was only wearing that robe and nothing else!

She was clueless of the havoc she was wreaking inside him as she swept around to face him and looked down on him with that haughty little smile of hers. “Enough ta know cousins don’ go squirtin’ in other cousins’ mouths, and likin’ it real good, right cousin?” she honed venomously, striking at his sore spot.

“You weren’t exactly forced, were you? So we have in addition to being family another thing in common, don’t we, Nikki? We both like incest sex,” he gave back, but she only smiled that cynical, annoyingly, taunting little sexy smile—making his idiot heart skip yet another goddam beat. Damn! Why did she have to be so fucking sexy? Was he insane?

“Now, I’ll be damned, cousin,” she threw over her shoulder as she turned to go inside, “just goes ta show ya, we are one big happy, hillbilly family after all.” Then she stepped inside and the screen door shut in his face before the heavy door followed.

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