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Mind Control Erotica

Title:  Seduced by the Sex Demon 3

Series:  Supernatural Taboo No.11

Author: Veronica Sloan

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Veronica Sloan

Language: English

Length:  17,000 Words

ISBN:  LC3400006

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3D Ebook Cover - Seduced by the Sex Demon 3 ~ Supernatural Taboo No.11 ~ by Veronica Sloan

Seduced by the Sex Demon 3


I shut my eyes and let my demon fuck me against the wall, just as he'd fucked me against my grandparents' window. That had been the best sex of my life until this very moment. Then, his dark magic had made my body ache and my inhibitions dissolve into my panties. Now, no magic was needed. I gave myself to him willingly, desperately, starving for the consummation of my body's basest craving. He did not disappoint me. One thousand lovers could not compare to the timeless arrogance of the incubus. I'd been horny for years but he'd been fucking for millennia. He knew what the hell he was doing.

He could have made me cum with his agile hips and deft fingers alone. Instead, he toyed with me. When the demon had been working with Jeff's penis, he could improve it, stiffen it, strengthen it. Now, however, I rode him at his root. His black penis shapeshifted inside me. When he entered he felt like Brooklyn but his anatomy swiftly transformed for my pleasure. His big hands clutched my thighs and held me down as the first jiggling tumors grew round his shaft. They swelled like water-filled balloons, supple and smooth and pushing against the walls of my vagina until I begged him to stop. I couldn't handle that much pressure.

"Yes, Tanya, you will." His bass voice rolled through me as roughly as his wiggling dick. I could not refuse. I was his victim now, his slave, his submissive little slut. I was drenched in city rain, my cold nipples cutting into his chest like daggers. People crossed the street when they saw what was happening. Did they see his smoky skin beneath the ridiculous fedora? Did they know I was being assaulted by a demon? Or could they just see me, pinned against the ATM and with my pussy out like some gutter harlot turning tricks?

"Please," I moaned, "please let me cum..." Each thrust took me so damn close. The kernel of orgasm still glittered inside me. I could feel it like an ember in my chest.

"You can cum, my sweetling," he whispered in my ear. "All you have to do is want it."

"I want it!" I screamed. I brought my fist down on his shoulder. "Give it to me!"

"No need for tantrums, Tanya." He pulled me down on him until one jiggling tumor squeezed against my G spot. My eyes rolled up into the rain and I spasmed...but the final pleasure was still denied me. I pulsed upon his pulsing cock, pinned between agony and rapture. "There," he said, "now promise me you'll behave."

I choked out nonsense as his black penis continued to swell and wriggle inside me.

"Promise me," he said. His sonorous voice filled my panting chest. I felt the words in my own throat. "Promise me you won't go through this faulty world alone."

"W-what do you want?" I managed to gasp out.

"No, Tanya. What do you want?"

I knew this passion was fleeting and that I'd regret it almost immediately, but there was a place between almost and immediately, a place of exoneration that moved me to tears. I was nostalgic for good sex. I wanted to smell myself cum.



Three years ago Tanya made a bargain with the incubus that possessed her step-father: Give up good sex in exchange for Jeff's soul. It was a noble sacrifice but one she soon regretted. Tanya is young and beautiful, and knowing she can never reach orgasm fills her with lustful obsession. When the demon returns to offer her a new deal, she unwittingly sets down the path of becoming a demon herself!

eBook TAGS    incubus, succubus, mind control, futanari, demonic possession, demon sex, horny as hell, lesbian interracial


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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