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Bestiality & Incest Erotica

Title:  The Family Pet

Series:  N/A

Author: Kelly Addams

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Edited by: Kelly Addams

Length:  5,406 Words

ISBN:  LC4500124

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3D Ebook Cover - The Family Pet ~ by Kelly Addams

The Family Pet


“So how are you Buddy?” she laughed as the beast bounded in. He was big, much bigger than she had imagined. In the few days since her return she had seen him only at a distance, usually lopping around the vast gardens. Now he was close up and stood at the shoulder level with her waist.

“Damn Buddy... you are big!” she laughed as he greeted her in the traditional canine manner by sniffing her ass as his tail wagged enthusiastically. “And your nose is cold!” she squealed as she felt the wetness nuzzle against the back of her thighs, her nightie offering no protection as he explored.

“Stop it you pervert,” she giggled as a wide tongue lapped her leg and brushed the soft curvature of her ass, again he licked, and again. Angela tried to push him away, her hand tugging the nightie down in an attempt to block his attentions. Buddy pressed forward, obviously he had smelled something interesting and was keen to investigate... and taste!

Angela gasped, he was strong, he was pushing her, and soon she found herself with nowhere left to run. Angela was pinned against a granite work surface, she couldn't move forward, behind her the dog continued to push, his tongue lapping in time with the wildly wagging tail. Angela felt panic mounting as he pushed his nose hard against her cheeks, he was forcing a way through. And he really wants to sniff my ass-hole so bad.

“Buddy!” she cried as he forced her cheeks apart, it was at that moment that she fully understood that her ass wasn't the hole he struggled to reach as his muscular tongue lapped her pink lips.

Angela told herself that her reaction had been involuntary, simply shock. But as the tongue drew across her sex she groaned softly, and to her eternal shame she parted her thighs and lifted the nightie. It was a momentary loss of control, but more than sufficient encouragement for Buddy who took full advantage as he lapped frantically at the sweet juices that had begun to flood from the shaved pussy that was driving him wild with desire.

Angela closed her eyes, now that she had stopped resisting him Buddy had settled, he wasn't pushing her now, he was content just licking.

And what a tongue! Angela felt her cheeks burning as she admitted the sensation was fantastic. She was in heaven when one of her many boyfriends dived down between her legs to eat pussy... in fact, she could have spent hours with her legs spread wide if any of her lovers had the stamina to keep licking.

“It's so fucking wrong!” she groaned, yet still shuffled her feet further apart and lifted the hem of the night dress higher. Filled with a burning shame she pushed back against the tongue and shuddered as it stroked across he clit. “It's so wrong... but I'm gonna cum Buddy!”



Angela is home from college, and has the whole of her life ahead of her. But the sexy nineteen year old bimbo isn't in any hurry, she is from a wealthy family, so she can take her time deciding where her future lies. Little has changed in the family home since she has been away, but one thing that she cannot understand though, as a child, she was never allowed a pet, yet suddenly her parents had bought a dog... a very big dog.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Bestiality, knot, taboo sex


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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