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Mythology Bestiality Erotica

Title:  Taken By Anubis

Series:  N/A

Author: Kelly Addams

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Kelly Addams

Language: English

Length:  7,630 Words

ISBN:  LC4500122

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3D Ebook Cover - Taken By Anubis ~ by Kelly Addams

Taken By Anubis


Deep in the Egyptian wing Giselle paused, there stood a statue of Babi, the Baboon God.

So closely linked to Anubis she reminded herself. In some variations of ancient faith Babi replaced Ammit as the Eater of Souls, and as such he became Anubis's partner in the business of death.

And he was also the God of Erections! Giselle chuckled softly as she studied the life size stone carving, Babi was most usually depicted sporting a massive erection, and it was fact that ancient Egyptian men had prayed to him to ensure that they suffered no erectile dysfunctions after death in the afterlife. Often he was shown using his mighty penis as a mast on the ferry that carried souls to the isles of Aaru.

Babi the horny god! In a strange way Giselle always felt a shiver racing through her body when she gently stroked the stone penis, it felt almost forbidden, but judging by the smoothness of the stone she guessed she wasn't the first woman to have given the phallus a soft and sensuous caress.

“I wonder if it's even possible?” The thought that suddenly entered her mind made her shudder, what she was considering was decidedly taboo, maybe even illegal considering the value of this spectacular piece of history she told herself yet still stepped closer to press her mound against the solid outcrop.

I think it would be possible! Why the irrational urge had her in its grip she didn't know, but she was sure that she wanted to try. Has any other woman stood here then lowered herself down onto this cock? Giselle looked again and stroked the surface, so smooth, so hard, and the angle is just perfect. Standing on her tiptoes she edged forward a fraction closer, it is possible she gasped as she felt the rounded end pressing against her pussy, if she hadn't been wearing jeans she could have eased herself down onto Babi's length and ridden the ancient god until she came.

So dirty! She shook her head yet still rubbed herself gently against the stone, yes it's dirty… but I will do it! But not now, I have to wait until the cleaners have gone, after the security guard has completed his first sweep I should have plenty of time to satisfy this craving!

And to her deep surprise the strange urge had become a craving, almost as though some powerful and invisible force were acting on her and pushing her to behave in a most wanton and out of character manner.

Because Giselle wasn't exactly what anyone would call a sexual being! “Dry!” one ex boyfriend had called her, “Dry personality, dry pussy… just like one of those dusty mummies you seem to prefer to real life flesh and blood!”

The comment had made her think, but her concerns never deepened enough to push her toward change. Sex was nice… but it wasn't everything! That became her philosophy, she would take it when she wanted but she would definitely never let it control her life!

But now look at me, as horny as hell… and desperate to fuck a stone baboon!

“I am desperate!” Giselle pulled her hand away as she realised that she had been...



Egyptologist Giselle Faunier has discovered clues in an ancient papyrus scroll, something that may change the way people think about the Pharaohs & the old Egyptian gods. But she has also found that her research is affecting her in strange ways, suddenly she is filled with an inexplicable lust, & a kinky desire that involves a statue of Babi the Baboon God. A desire that will open her mind to who she really is!

eBook TAGS    mythology, ancient Egypt, anubis, erotica, Historical Romance


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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