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Bestiality Erotica

Title:  Dare Me

Series:  Dare Me No.1

Author: Kelly Addams

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Kelly Addams

Language: English

Length:  6,745 Words

ISBN:  LC4500119

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3D Ebook Cover - Dare Me ~ Dare Me No.1 ~ by Kelly Addams

Dare Me


“I needed this,” she sighed as she sipped her second glass of chilled white wine. Alison had chosen well, she loved her wine crisp and dry, and the Muscadet was perfect.

“So, tell me all about it?” Alison shuffled foil take-away containers and rice speckled plates as she waited expectantly.

Linda sighed and shrugged slightly, she couldn't really understand what was happening herself and found it difficult to discuss. “It's nothing definite,” she began and took another sip, “But it's just a subtle change in attitude, the way he acts... little accidental touches. To be honest it's creeping me out a bit... I mean, Jodie's my friend, I wouldn't want her to think that I'm encouraging him!”

She had know Jodie longer than Alison, old school friends, they had drifted apart only to be reacquainted by fluke several years later, Linda had been looking for a job, Jodie had been looking for someone that she could trust to manage the showroom for her custom kitchen business, it had been a match made in heaven. And for several months David, Jodie's sleazy husband had behaved, but she noticed the shift, he had taken to spending more time alone in the office, she had caught his glances and sidestepped the seemingly innocent invitations to lunch. But now he was becoming more obvious, and she worried for her job.

“It's the hints,” she sighed, “It just makes me uncomfortable... I find myself fuming inside. You know, I want to tell Jodie. But what do you say? Hey Jodie... just thought you should know, your husband is a cheating slimy shit. Proof, well, I haven't really got anything concrete, I just know!”

Archie, Alison's Labrador worked his way around the coffee table hoovering stray grains of rice and naan crumbs, pausing for a moment he sniffed Linda's feet and gave the toes a quick lick before moving on to more microscopic scraps.

“That tickles.” Linda giggled and lifted her feet away from the pink tongue.

“Cheeky bugger.” Alison laughed and gave the shaggy head a pat as he looked up fondly. “He's a licker, he just can't resist it.”

“Did you rent a film?”

Alison shook her head and poured more wine into Linda's almost full glass. “My DVD players busted, won't load anything, and there is nothing on TV, I checked. I thought we might open another bottle and play cards... do you remember that time we got drunk and played strip poker at your place?”

Linda grinned, she wasn't completely sure how it had started, and she had only a hazy recollection of suggesting the juvenile game, but it had been funny... and it didn't hurt anyone.

“But to make it a bit more interesting, the loser of each hand can chose to remove another item of clothing, or, ask for a dare.”

Linda smiled, she remembered how she had been the eventual loser the last time that they played the game, how she had flushed scarlet as her panties had come off, Ali is giving me a way to save embarrassment!

“Deal,” she giggled, “But this time it will be you getting the pants off... I'm feeling lucky.”



Linda & Alison had been best friends for years, almost identical the women were often mistaken for sisters, and their lives had followed similar paths, both divorced, both lonely... and both spent their week looking forward to Friday. The night they would get together and share a bottle or two. Except Alison has a plan to add a little spice to their evening in, she has a Dare – will Linda refuse?

eBook TAGS    bestiality, exhibitionism, lesbian, public nudity, bisexual, fingering


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Heat Level

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