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Alien Abduction Bestiality Erotica

Title:  Breeders: Alien Abduction

Series:  N/A

Author: Kelly Addams

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Kelly Addams

Language: English

Length:  12,200 Words

ISBN:  LC4500118

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3D Ebook Cover - Breeders: Alien Abduction ~ by Kelly Addams

Breeders: Alien Abduction


Kadik sat in his makeshift lab in the corner of the cargo bay and congratulated himself, under the microscope sat a rapidly multiplying and dividing egg, he had accelerated the growth process after extracting the embryo from the females womb.

It is strange he mused, that it requires actual vaginal penetration for the coupling to be successful. He had good results with lesser species, they could be interbred in the lab, but higher mammals seemed to need the act of actual penetration. But that was no great hardship for Kadik, he'd undergone a change of heart. Before when he had observed mammalian coupling he had remained aloof, his interest purely scientific. But his heart had changed, and as he watched the dark skinned woman shudder and shake as the massive male lion mounted her and thrust his straining cock deep into the pink hole that Kadik himself had only recently filled he felt his arousal building out of all proportion.

She was howling and screaming, but it wasn't fear that drove her despite terror being her natural instinct when confronted by such a dangerous predator. She had waited patiently as the massive lion circled her, she had mewled softly as his long thin cock emerged, instinctively she had squatted then fallen forward onto all fours as she thrust her gaping sex back at him. In typical lion style he had driven into her with ferocity, several powerful thrusts later he had ejaculated, and jumping away he resumed his circling. Repeatedly he took her, patiently she waited before crying out in orgasm each time as his cum flooded her suddenly receptive womb.

Three hours later the male lost interest. The female was scratched and bloody, yet she purred like a domestic cat and happily lay back with her legs spread wide as Kadik returned to harvest any fertilised eggs.

Kadik had darted her and purged her system of the splicing serum, now came the most dangerous part of her conditioning prior to release back into the wild, all trace of her experiences would have to be erased from her memory. She will retain some memories he admitted as her brain scan revealed only tiny flashes that were impossible to remove, but those recollections will be no more than ghost images, he knew humans had the mental ability to dream… and that is what she thinks I am… just a dream!

Kadik looked down on her naked body and smiled, her injuries were swiftly healing, and when she awoke she would feel a slight soreness but nothing more. If I hadn't already erased her short term memory I would copulate with her again, now! He felt an unfamiliar stirring behind his pubic bone and gasped, his experiments had opened a door, a door that he wasn't sure he could close again, he had become a sexual being… with needs!

And those needs have to be satisfied he told himself as the dark skinned woman lay on the transporter pad ready for a return to the exact coordinates from where she was captured. And I know exactly how to satisfy them!



Hiker Ashley is feeling kinky! Out on the moors she needs to pee, and the thrill of squatting in public has really turned her on, but she is sure that no-one has seen her! Little does she know that she is being observed, but not from the bushes, her voyeur is hovering just below the clouds, and he has big plans for Ash, because he is running an inter species breeding project! Caution: This story contains explicit sex with Aliens and Bestiality.

eBook TAGS    bestiality, alien abduction, dub con, breeding and impregnation, alien sex, erotic fantasy


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