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Dark Family Incest Erotica

Title:  Behind Closed Doors

Series:  Behind Closed Doors No.1

Author: Mx. Electra Oedipus

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Mx. Electra Oedipus

Language: English

Length:  9,286 Words

ISBN:  LC1600137

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3D Ebook Cover - Behind Closed Doors ~ Behind Closed Doors No.1 ~ by Mx. Electra Oedipus

Behind Closed Doors


From Naughty Nuptials

Not 20 minutes after cutting our wedding cake, I found my darling husband in the ladies. His pants by his ankles. She was bent over the toilet snorting coke. But Frank didn’t stop. He wasn’t embarrassed, he didn’t try to plead or beg he just kept pushing his penis, only pausing so my mother-in-law can hoover another line.

He even smiles at me – “Please honey, join us” – and extends his hand out. I can tell he’s near orgasm, his expressions and movements. I’d done some coke back in college but not... “Lisa.” Carol snaps me back to reality. He’s almost finished. “Lisa” She repeats. “In or out.” I enter.

He kisses me then closes the door. My white dress engulfs the small middle cubicle; covers us to our waists. I see the white lines on the black marble. He climaxes. I just laugh…

From A Twisted & Tangled Timeline

She faces him. “Are you my Daddy?” He takes a step back and almost trips. Hazel lights a cigarette. “Are you?” “Hazel, what… how, I’m your Uncle for Christ sake.” A pause settles between them. John notices her knickers on the table, along with her cigarettes and white powder. Their eyes meet. “Doesn’t stop you fucking Mommy.” She sniffs and twitches. John then rubs his daughter’s nose, removing the specs of powder from it. Hazel slowly guides his generous finger into her mouth and seductively sucks. Their eyes still focused. Her cigarette smouldering between them.

Hazel rips the towel off, lifting up her pleated school skirt, Daddy penetrates. Pushes in his parental penis. They kiss, standing in the hall; thrusting. “Yes, yes dear I’m your Daddy.” He rips open her white blouse, she knocks him back on the stairs. Hazel locks in tight, bouncing up and down, Daddy squeezing her firm, legal breasts.  

“Oh God. Oh God!” He roars “Fuck me Daddy.” She moans, dangling the cigarette from her mouth, gyrating in ecstasy. John ejaculates. They kiss, long and hard as the last splutters of semen flood his daughter’s pussy. “Happy birthday, love.” They kiss again.

From Single Parent

Lifting her son’s head from her breasts. “Hand Mommy her cigarettes, sweetie.” Sincerely smiling as she takes the blue and white box from his shaking hand. She lights it, double pumps galore. Gerard hardens again in a second and climbs back on top. Penetrating. Near violent thrusts shunt Rita up against the armrest of the couch, smoke pouring from her nose. The pressure grinds her cock against his body. “Harder son, harder.” Rita begs. “Fuck me faster. Make me cum twice.” Rita leans in and licks some of her cum off her son’s face before he fills her pussy for the second time tonight. Then Daddy ejaculates. Gerard gets off, having severely shagged his single parent.



3 forbidden cum-shots of family friendly fun. Naughty Nuptials – Lisa is supplied with something old, new, borrowed and blue by her Mother-in-law. A Twisted & Tangled Timeline – The Gallagher Family Tree is tightly confusing and spare despite a long lactating lineage. Single Parent – When Rita isn’t bent over with a note in her nose she’s being showered in semen. But one stormy night her son Gerard provides her a way to make ends meet.

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eBook TAGS    Family Incest, Smoking Fetish Snorting Cocaine, Breastfeeding Sister, Cross-dressing, Hermaphrodite, Leather P.V.C

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