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Dog Bestiality Erotica

Title:  K9: 6 Taboo Tales Of Kinky Girls Who Lov

Series:  N/A

Author: Kay Nyne

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Kay Nyne

Language: English

Length:  14,930 Words

ISBN:  LC4500117

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3D Ebook Cover - K9: 6 Taboo Tales Of Kinky Girls Who Love Their Pets ~ by Kay Nyne

K9: 6 Taboo Tales Of Kinky Girls Who Love Their Pets


“It was you!” she groaned, “I've been running from you!”

Carefully she extricated herself from the hooks and thorns, and dropping down into a thick bed of dry leaves she began the painful process of teasing the prickles from her skin.

“So what's your name?” she asked as the hound dropped down directly in front of her and studied her every move. “I bet you're called something big, like Goliath or Hercules… I'll call you Goliath I think!”

Strangely, what had provoked so much fear within her had suddenly become a source of comfort, surely she would be safe now, wandering the woods with such a massive guardian, no-one would dare come near her. And you don't have a collar so the chances are you're probably a stray… or got abandoned because I bet you cost a bloody fortune to feed!

“Damn, I gave you the name wrong!” she gasped as the huge dog nuzzled between his hind legs before licking an erection so massive that it beggared belief. “I should have called you donkey dick!”

The dog continued to lick and mesmerised Dee watched. Damn, that thing makes Dave look like a baby she giggled, it made every one of the handful of guys that she had known look small and insignificant. But I have to admit, that is one beautiful cock!

Dee blushed as wicked thoughts filled her mind, could she handle a cock that size? She shuffled forward a fraction to get a better look. I really don't know she conceded, was it bigger than the cucumbers she slipped from the bottom of the fridge, she had fucked herself hard with them and they didn't look that much smaller. The cucumbers are longer she told herself, but that cock looks thicker. I think I could take it, she added with a growing feeling of confidence, yeah, I could handle that beauty.

Fuck, what a dirty bitch I am she chuckled as she began to clear her knees of the fine thorns, how could I even consider a dog dick in me?

But some girls do it… I know they do because I've seen the pictures!

“Could I do something like that?” Dee wondered if the residual alcohol in her blood was playing with her inhibitions and morals because what she was considering should have been repugnant to her… yet the more she stared at his fat erection the more she wanted to feel it pressing against her wet pussy.

“And it is wet!” she exclaimed as the finger that had subconsciously slipped between her lips came away shining and sticky.

“Come on boy,” she giggled as she held the finger forward and saw his nose twitch to pick up the scent of her arousal, “Come and lick this!”



Six Taboo tales of kinky girls who love their pets! The first canine themed bestiality stories from Kay Nyne... Featuring: Bestial Beth, Revenge is Sweet, The Therapist, Mastered by Bruno, Dirty Dee and Hypno Hound. Please Note: All titles have been previously published, and all titles feature bestiality content. 18+ Adults Only

eBook TAGS    bestiality, canine k9, dog and girl sex, box set, taboo, collection


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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