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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  The Storm

Series:  N/A

Author: Ginny Watson

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher: Ginny Watson

Language: English

Length:  5,010 Words

ISBN:  LC1100350

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3D Ebook Cover - The Storm - by Ginny Watson

The Storm


Weakly his arm flopped over her shoulder to dangle limply, Anna lifted and he began to slip. “Grab me daddy!” she groaned as she bore his weight. Numb fingers closed on her t-shirt, Anna gasped as she felt the pressure on her breast. “Hold on tight,” she groaned as she stumbled forward a step, “Don't let go daddy!” Again his fingers gathered a bundle of soaking fabric and gripped, Anna felt her t-shirt lifting but that didn't matter, with something to hold on to his balance was improved. Another couple of faltering steps and he began to slip again. “Hold on,” she cried, “Please daddy.” His fingers flinched as he straightened slightly, then he gripped again and Anna winced as powerful fingers closed on her naked breast. He's so numb he can't feel what he's doing she told herself as mixed emotions rushed through her mind, what was happening was taboo, yet skin against skin was providing a better grip.

“Hold on tight daddy!” she repeated softly as she took another heavy step back toward the cottage, but deep inside she knew that he couldn't have heard her over the howling wind, so were the words more for her own benefit than his? It was a thought that she pushed aside swiftly, it wasn't the time to debate morals or emotions, she had to get him back inside, she had to get him warm.

Onward she struggled for what seemed an eternity, often his grasp slipped, always she encouraged him to get another grip, not once did she consider reaching up to tug her bunched up t-shirt back into place to act as a barrier between her skin and his. With her support his strength seemed to have returned a fraction, he was still shaking alarmingly but he stumbled less, which came as a relief, to get stronger rather than weaker was a good sign, it encouraged her and helped her fight the chill that was swiftly invading her own semi exposed body.

We will both be close to hypothermia before we get inside she warned herself, and clasping his hand to her breast she set her jaw and summoned the last of her strength. In the distance she caught a dim flicker, then as if to confirm a bolt of lightning crashed overhead and clearly illuminated the cottage. She heard her weakened father gasp before he tried to pull his hand away, clearly the lightening had exposed more than just the cottage.

“Don't be silly daddy!” she shouted as the wind gusted with a roar, “Just hang on tight… we're almost there!” Anna felt him sag as his resistance faded, and then she shivered to feel his fingers close again on her flesh, now he knew what was happening, he didn't have to feel her skin to know where his hand was… and she suddenly understood that the shiver that had passed through her body had nothing to do with the cold!



Anna is home alone during a storm, her daddy should have been hours before and she is growing worried, the power cuts and she is in darkness, she has to find him, she has to walk into the storm... at least as far as the road, just in case there is some news. But Anna never reaches the road, she finds her daddy drenched and freezing, she has to get him home, and dry, and warm... but things don't work out exactly as she expects...

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, daddy daughter, father daughter, blow job, hand job


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Relative Taboo

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