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Mother Son Incest Erotica

Title:  Mother's Milk

Series:  N/A

Author: Ginny Watson

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Ginny Watson

Language: English

Length:  8,010 Words

ISBN:  LC1000258

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3D Ebook Cover - Mother's Milk, by Baron LeSade

Mother's Milk


“Cum in me Robbie,” she had moaned as she ground down hard on his stiff cock, “Fuck mummy!”

“I'm Jason,” he had groaned, before gasping loud as she dug her nails into his chest, “But call me Robbie… mummy!”

That had been enough to make her groan and buck wildly as an intense orgasm tore through her, just as she had fucked Callum thinking about the young man on his back beneath her, so she fucked Jason and saw only her son. Except Robbie's cock is much thicker and longer she reminded herself as she came down from her erotic high. But that didn't matter in the heat of the moment, because she had lived the role of slut that evening, she had done things that she never dreamed possible. Young Jason had exposed her breasts in the bar, they had been fondled by his friends, her nipples had been suckled, they had drunk from her in a small room closed off from the main bar by a heavy wooden door adorned with brass letters spelling the word SNUG. It had been a smoking room at one time, a quiet space away from the busy bar at others… now it was a place for Jason and his friends to hang out.

Caroline had moaned softly as they laid her on a table. “The dirty old slut isn't wearing any panties,” cried one, “What a whore!”

“That's what I am,” she gasped, “So why don't you all use me like a cheap hooker!”

And use her they had. From faithful housewife who had sex with only one man for twenty one years, to a gang bang slut in the blink of an eye.

How many had fucked her? Caroline wasn't sure, and she didn't really care because with her eyes closed she had pretended that every single one of them was Robert.

Now she looked down on Jason. Nineteen years of age and a self confessed cougar enthusiast. She didn't mind the title, she was a slut so he could call her anything he wanted.

“It was fun,” she told him as she lifted her sore and stretched hole from his still straining cock, “But I have to get home now!”

“Hubby waiting for you?” Jason smirked.

“Do you like the thought of fucking another man's wife?” she asked, a grin spreading across her lips.

“Fucking love the thought!” he replied.

Caroline looked down on her young lover, just a typical juvenile male wanting to stamp his authority on life and boost his self esteem.

“Yeah, he's at home waiting for me,” she lied, “And he has no idea I got fucked either!”

She watched him shudder, saw his cock twitch and remembered another time with Robbie, and with a groan she whispered, “Call me mummy!” before dropping back onto his solid meat, to ride him frantically until he exploded inside her a third time!



Caroline is devastated when her husband of twenty one years leaves her. He has accused her of being boring, she has never stimulated him... she isn't kinky! But he is very wrong, as Caroline proves when she finally embraces her freedom... and when her twenty year old son Robbie decides to move back home, all of her deepest fantasies can be satisfied!

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, lactation Hucow LactoSlut, age difference, exhibitionism, Breastfeeding, milking, cougar older woman


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