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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  Daddy's Birthday Surprise

Series:  N/A

Author: Ginny Watson

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Ginny Watson

Language: English

Length:  3,020 Words

ISBN:  LC1100346

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3D Ebook Cover - Daddy's Birthday Surprise ~ by Ginny Watson

Daddy's Birthday Surprise


Sandra shook her head as she studied her wardrobe, she knew what she wanted and she knew she didn't have it.

I want a sexy dress without sleeves, with slits at the side that will expose my tits if I lift my arms.

What I don't have I can make she decided quickly, and just for practice and trial an old baggy t-shirt soon found itself being butchered to open beneath her armpits. Sandra had a plan in mind.

Not quite enough she told herself as she studied her reflection in the mirror, the slit that she had cut reached down but not quite far enough, lifting her arms she noted the fabric rise, the slit was no-longer level with her breast, it had ridden up and blocked access.

Two minutes later Sandra smiled, stood side-on to the mirror she had lifted her arms in an imitation of hugging her daddy, the action causing the split to gape, she was staring at her breasts and knew for sure that if he returned her hug as he had been recently. Then he will find himself touching skin not fabric! Sandra shivered and glanced at her bedroom door, could she be so brazen, her plan was to adjust a dress, for later, when she had plied him with a few drinks.

Can I really do it now? She swallowed hard and lifted her arms again. The t-shirt sagged and gaped exactly as it had before, she tried again, the same result.

Call it a trial she giggled as her nerves built, maybe if he touches now and turns shy then when it happens again this evening he'll have more confidence!

Damn my nips are hard she chuckled as she opened her bedroom door and stalked quietly along the corridor that led through to the lounge and kitchen, he daddy was in one of them because she could hear him whistling.

How can I find this so exciting? It was a question she had asked herself often since that first time she had caught him peeping. It was taboo, forbidden, just not the kind of thing a daughter did, especially when she knew her daddy hadn't had any intimate female company for... well, years! That's why he was looking at my tits, and I had to get hard nipples just to make him stare harder.

“And now look at me!” she whispered and considered racing back to her room, it had suddenly become very real. There was a huge difference between feeling him accidentally brush against her breasts when they hugged and what she had planned. How would he react? Would he realise she had set it up, and surely he would realise that she could feel his touch, and he couldn't help but notice that he was touching skin rather than blouse or t-shirt!

Wait until he's tipsy she warned herself and began to turn.

“Sandy sweetie, there you are baby girl!” His voice stopped her and instantly her cheeks began to burn, there was no escape from the situation she had created. “Happy Birthday!”

“You already wished me happy birthday daddy!” she replied and smiled.

“Does a daddy need an excuse to get a birthday hug?” he chuckled, and held his arms open wide.



Sandra has just turned eighteen, and her party is planned... she wants a quiet time with four of her closest friends and her daddy, but something happens before the party that makes her think she should just stay at home with her devoted daddy... and maybe she can give on her birthday as well as receive!

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