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Exhibitionist Erotica

Title:  Flash: The Adventures of Exhibitionist Em

Series:  N/A

Author: Beth Kean

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Beth Kean

Language: English

Length:  5,380 Words

ISBN:  LC4100006

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3D Ebook Cover - Flash: The Adventures of Exhibitionist Emma ~ by Beth Kean

Flash: The Adventures of Exhibitionist Emma


No matter how many times I do this... my heart still beats like a drum, Emma thought as she wrapped the towel around her torso, gripping the loose end under her arm.

“Tight, but not too tight,” she commented as she tugged the bottom a little lower, “And I must cover up.”

On bare feet she trotted toward the kitchen, only a short distance before turning. Blood pounded in her ears, her palms felt clammy as she wiped them on the towel, her breath stuck in her throat as the door panes clouded and darkened, any moment now, she began to tremble.

Although expecting it, the door buzzer made her jump, and Emma swallowed hard before taking a deep breath and calling out in a clear voice.

“Just one minute.”

The doorbell ceased.

Emma padded quietly and confidently to the door, and turning the key she opened it a fraction to peer outside.

No more than eighteen I would guess. She instantly assessed the youth who stood on her doorstep brandishing a box, I would have preferred someone a little bit more mature, but what the hell!

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” she laughed as she pulled the door open wider, “You are here sooner than I expected.” And with a coy smile she nodded down to her towel.

“I'm almost late,” the youth replied, “I'm new to the area, I still don't know exactly where everywhere is yet.”

“Give me a moment to get my purse.” she replied and turning she trotted swiftly to the kitchen. If he's bold he will have stepped inside by now, she thought, not that it matters. “Now it's time.” she whispered, and clutching her purse she strode back into the hall, to find the delivery boy still hovering on the step. Shy and uncomfortable she chuckled inside and lifted her arm a fraction, feeling the towel loosen almost imperceptibly as she walked.

“How much is it again?” she questioned and drew a twenty note, knowing full well the price and the change required.

The boy shuffled forward, and carefully unfolded a printed ticket.

“I'm sorry,” Emma apologised, “This is the smallest I've got, I don't have any change.” and held the note in her left hand as she reached forward and gripped the box in her right.

“No problem,” the youth began to nod, “I've got plenty of cha....”

That was the exact moment that Emma chose to lift her arm, she was practised, seasoned... I'm a professional, she would often chuckle, as she grasped the pizza she released her grip on the towel, her movements having the desired effect as the thick towel slipped rapidly to the floor, leaving her with the box in one hand, money in the other, and mock horror plastered over her face as she saw his eyes instantly drawn to her naked body.



A story of fetish and desire. The first part of the Exhibitionist Emma series of short erotic stories. Follow sexy exhibitionist Emma as she explores her sexuality and the overwhelming urge that she feels to 'accidentally' expose her naked body to strangers.

eBook TAGS   exhibitionist, flasher, sex with strangers


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