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Cuckold Erotica

Title:  The Secretary

Series:  N/A

Author: Angelina Jolly

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher: Angelina Jolly

Language: English

Length:  6,130 Words

ISBN:  LC4300039

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3D Ebook Cover - The Secretary ~ by Angelina Jolly

The Secretary


Donna stood at the window and gazed down onto the car park. Colin should have received her text message, he could even be reading it right now she thought as she reached up to grasp the heavy frame as her breasts smeared against the glass. I really hope he understands, that thought troubled her, he had obviously seen them, her and the boss Alan, he had been kneeling outside the glass door. Not content to watch their obscured figures melting together through frosted glass he had peeped through the keyhole, Donna had seen his outline, she had even convinced herself that she had seen his green eye studying her as she sucked Alan's cock.

And what a slut bitch I was, I grinned and winked! Damn I really hope he does understand.

Alan was behind her again, his hard cock buried in her pussy, pumping, forcing her against the window, humiliating her.

Second floor, this office had to be on the second floor and looking out over the parking she thought as she hunted for the metallic green of Colin's car, would it be adding insult to injury if he were to look up and see his wife naked at the window, her tits squashed against the glass, clearly getting hammered hard from behind.

I don't understand him! Alan had been her boss for five years, and Colin's best friend for many more years than that, he was practically family. What made him suddenly turn? Donna knew that she was predominantly to blame, if her teasing hadn't been exactly overt it had still been pretty obvious. They shared innuendos, small in-jokes about other members of the staff, she had become Alan's sounding board and confidante. They had grown close, and the late evenings at work had been heading toward a more intimate feel for weeks. The quick drink on the way home, a snack grabbed hurriedly had steadily slowed to more lengthy and cosy meals in small, out of the way, romantic restaurants.

Donna had taken to removing her bra in the ladies wash rooms before entering the office. It was sneaky, to leave her husband in the morning looking totally respectable, but to arrive in the office with a few more buttons undone and hard nipples poking... I was asking for it she told herself as her search of the car park continued, of course I was asking for it! She would freely admit that she had always had a thing for Alan, right from the beginning, before she married Colin, but Alan had distanced himself, and she had settled.

Settled! What a fucking awful thing to think she chastised as Alan humped her so hard that her toes lifted from the carpet and she hung for a moment impaled on his cock. I love Colin, I really do! But there was something about Alan that had caused her to lose control that morning.

It had begun just like any other, but for one exception.

Donna had been feeling horny, extra horny, and as she stood in her normal cubicle and struggled out of her bra she felt a sudden and very irrational urge. Short skirt, and no panties, that will really tease him she told herself, so with butterflies



Donna has dreamed about her boss Alan for five long years, so when he finally offers her what she desires most she doesn't hesitate to bend over for him. But as she pleasures him she discovers a side to his character that he has kept well hidden, a dominance and arrogance that tells her that he isn't afraid to take what he wants... even a married woman.

eBook TAGS   cuckold, adultery, humiliation


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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