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Sadism & Masochism BDSM Erotica

Title:  Finding Justine: Libertine

Series:  abduction human trafficking

Author: Andy Lang

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Andy Lang

Language: English

Length:  102,030 Words

ISBN:  LC3300008

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3D Ebook Cover - Finding Justine: Libertine ~ by Andy Lang

Finding Justine: Libertine


Justine stared at droplets of ruby blood, her mind disconnected from fact. It looks quite pretty, she thought as an irrational smile formed on her split and swollen lips, like a cross shape! A Crucifix.

Her mind, as always, sought an avenue of escape as her body screamed for mercy and relief. Her spilled and dripping blood gave her consciousness focus - a point of attention to distract from reality. The immediate reality of pain and abuse, of torture and humiliation; and the long accepted reality of the forced servitude and depravity that had become her life.

The droplets began to blur as she lost focus, a fact that saddened her. Probably a concussion, the analytical portion of her brain kicked in, feeding fact and understanding that she found unnecessary, given her clear understanding that the end had finally arrived.

It would have been nicer to have left with the pretty cross in my mind, she thought, and closed her eyes, anticipating the final blow. Prayer had long since departed from her existence, but the bloody crucifix had given her heavy heart some small comfort. A sinister chuckle broke her silent acceptance, her ultimate serenity shattered.

If he could have just done it without laughing, she thought as she squeezed her eyelids tighter, the image of the fading sacred cross violently replaced by the sadistic smile of her abuser. She didn't need to open her eyes to understand the look upon his face, the twisted and cruel smile, the cold and calculating blue eyes, sometimes soft and warm; now, intense, loaded with hate and finality.

“You have had sufficient time to make your peace.” his chuckle returned, almost gentle now, yet loaded with menace.

“Goodbye, my love.” she whispered as a tear broke free to track through heavy mascara. “I'm sorry Adam.”

Stars burst flaring bright, searing through her closed eyelids. Her clenched jaw strained, her teeth grinding under the force of his blow. Pain upon pain ricocheted through her tortured mind, sickness bloomed. Nausea and despair engulfed. Darkness enveloped her mind as nothingness robbed her thoughts of entity. Her body sagged; and muscle control deserting she slumped forward, face down onto unyielding concrete. Justine forced her eyes to open, the vision of a cross reappeared, but swiftly faded, now darkness reigned, her vision lost to the nihility of death.



Introducing Earl Marcus, a devotee of the sixteenth century libertine the Marquis de Sade. A man of unimaginable wealth, and unspeakable depravity, Driven by the writings of his hero, he is a man determined to translate the sordid fiction of Justine, his favourite book, into terrifying fact. He just has to find his own Justine!

eBook TAGS   torture, Sadism & Masochism BDSM, marquis de sade, rape, billionaire, submission, murder, abduction human trafficking, Non-Consent, Rape, Force, Bondage & Discipline


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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