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Fantasy Non-Consent Erotica

Title:  The Bandit Queen's Booty

Series:  Wenches and Warriors No.1

Author: Taylor Knight

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Shield Maiden

Language: English

Length:  12,612 Words

ISBN:  LC8500013

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3D Ebook Cover - The Bandit Queen's Booty ~ Wenches and Warriors No.1 ~ by Taylor Knight

The Bandit Queen's Booty


‘Do you like seducing barmaids?’ Caryth purred, turning away and leaning her back into him. Valgir moved his hands around her thick waist again and kissed her bare shoulder.

‘Just big blonde ones,’ the sellsword muttered, nibbling at her other ear as his hands slid up her front.

‘Big?’ she paused, making him stop for a moment.

‘Like these,’ he whispered, cupping her ample breasts. Her head fell backward on his shoulder and his lips found hers. Their tongues entwined and he rubbed her nipples hard through the cloth of her blouse.

‘You’re a naughty man,’ the wench sighed, moaning at the end of it as she ground her wide buttocks against him. Valgir was hard as a rock. He could barely keep from thrusting his pelvis against her thick cheeks. He felt her hand reach around between the two of them and begin to rub him through his breeches. Her hand was warm and agile. ‘And a big boy aren’t you?’

He tried a different tack, moving the hand that held her waist down her dress, and pulling it up to stroke those smooth, thick thighs. One of her hands landed on his, but didn’t push it away. She didn’t even push him away when his had found her undercloth and began rubbing her mound through the cloth. She continued to moan, her breathing getting heavier and her hand slacking off his member as she began to lose control.

‘Stop it!’ she hissed, gripping his wrist, but he began to slide his fingers up under her garment, locating the soft thick hairs of her crevice and rubbing her as she gyrated on his hand, slick heat pressing down on his fingers as she tried to push his hand away.

Valgir ached to be inside her, to feel those moist walls engulf him. He wondered if he could convince her to bend over those barrels and let him take her right there. She was ready, she was groaning, she craned her neck and they kissed some more.

He pushed the lass forward over the barrels, fumbling for his pant strings as he drew her skirts up, catching a glimpse of her broad peach-colored cheeks.

‘Valgir!’ she protested but not yet so loud as to raise the alarm, and she wrestled to free herself of his pressing weight.

He was so close. His big hand closed over her mouth to stifle her squeals of protest and all he needed to do was pull aside that white undercloth. Her big round cheeks quivered in the dim light as she struggled. He had her now...



A lusty witch, a reluctant maid, a broken tower in the woods and a horny sellsword. Plunge into the realm of Wenches and Warriors for a wild medieval ride of adventure and taboo lust. Will Valgir the Rogue have his way with the tavern wench or seize the bandit Queen's Booty before she escapes his lustful clutches?

eBook TAGS    fantasy erotica erotic fantasy, non-consensual fantasy, dubcon relcon noncon consent, hairy unwanted creampie BBW, interracial creampie, sci-fi erotica bwwm, forced sex roleplay, medieval erotica bdsm


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Relative Taboo

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