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Nine Gay Cousin Incest Stories

Title:  Cousins Coming Together

Series:  Nine Gay Cousin Incest Stories

Author: Douglas Mayweather

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  37,814 Words

ISBN:  LC1475011

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3D Ebook Cover - Cousins Coming Together ~ by Douglas Mayweather

Cousins Coming Together


He got in position, grabbed his knees and pulled them up to his chest.

“Like this?”

I looked at him. Even lying on his back he looked tall and muscular. Could I do this?

“Drop your legs. Spread them or something.”

I wasn’t being very helpful. I got between his legs and then realized I had to lift them to get to his ass, so I grabbed his calves and raised his legs until I could see his asshole. I scooted forward, but needed a hand to hold my cock so I could line it up and stick it in. Boy, I was lousy at this gay sex thing.

This time Carver put his hands behind his knees and held his legs where I wanted them. I got my cock in and then took his legs back in my hands.

I started fucking him, watching my cock slide in and out of his hot, tight ass. I couldn’t have told you why this seemed like such a beautiful sight.

After several delightful minutes I switched my gaze and looked at Carver’s face. It hit me that I was fucking my younger, good-looking, jock of a cousin in the ass. Was this insanity? Was this incest?

My only answer at this moment was that this is what I wanted to be doing, and I didn’t want to stop. I also reflected that I was fucking a man. Not a girl, not a tranny, not a sissy, not a pansy, but a real honest-to-god man.


“No, man, but I know you. I’ve known you all your life. There’s nothin’ gay about you.”

I noticed his speech was a little slurred. I decided, stupidly probably, to push this farther – to the limit you might say.

“No, nothing except I like to suck cocks. Give me a nice juicy cock and I’m in cock-sucking heaven.”

He didn’t say anything for a minute. In the silence I was afraid I’d gone too far.

He slowly shook his head slightly. “No, man, I still don’t believe it. You’d have to prove it to me.”

Now I suddenly wondered exactly where he was going with this. It probably was the alcohol, but at that moment I decided wherever he was going, I was along for the ride.

“I’ll gladly prove it, if you’re up to it.” I was being bolder than I’d ever been with anyone. But I knew him. I felt completely safe. “What do you suggest?”

He started to stand up, fell and caught himself on the arm of the chair, almost tipping it over, and stood upright. I just sat still, looking up at him. I wasn’t going to push it any farther, but I was going to keep up with him.

“Get up,” he said.

I stood and turned facing him, about two feet distance between us.

“Get down on your knees,” he commanded in his best military voice.

I did what he said and he undid his fatigues, then he stopped. I thought he had chickened out.

“I gotta take a leak first or I’ll piss a six-pack of Bud down your throat.”

He turned around and went into the dark house. And that was how I found myself in this position I had never imagined, about to do something that had never entered my mind. Would I?



Is sex between cousins incest? Many countries, many states and many people say, “Yes”. They believe sex with any family member, related by blood or law, is forbidden. And if those cousins are men, does that complicate matters? If two male cousins express their love or satisfy their lust together, would you condemn them, or support them? Read these nine naughty stories about hot, gay sex before you decide.

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