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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  Joan Unbound

Series:  Complete 9 Books

Author: Frank Zenau

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  230,000 Words

ISBN:  LC1100341

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3D Ebook Cover - Joan Unbound ~ by Frank Zenau

Joan Unbound


“He told me rules were simple; there was to be no body contact. The men could look and gape all they wanted. I could touch and spread my pussy and let everyone see it up close. The owner was delighted because no women even showed up. He gave us our drinks for free and as an added bonus didn’t bother to water them down.” Megan said.

“I was surprised as well because I figured at best there would only be six or eight men in the bar. But the number of men was easily two dozen and they let out a loud roar when they realized that Megan was there to dance for them.” Liam said.

“I put one of the costumes and went out on stage. I danced the first dance with my costume on then when the music started for the second dance I turned my back to the audience, slipped the gown over my head and turned around.” Megan said.

“You should have seen everybody’s faces when they saw the red ribbon on her pussy and realized that her pussy was actually laced up.” Liam said.

“That was a bigger rush for me than I expected. Especially when I slowly unlaced my pussy and watched their jaws drop as I was doing it.” Megan said.

“After an hour the hundred dollar prize was insignificant because in that short time Megan made over four hundred dollars in tips and lap dances. The fact that she had problems pole dancing didn’t discourage them because it was obvious that their interest was her shaved pussy. It sure as hell didn’t discourage her.” Liam said.

“I had never done anything like that and that pole the first time was a real bear. Of course, not knowing all the tricks like chalking your hands and thighs, I couldn’t slide around it very easily. As Liam said, they didn’t care they just wanted to get as close a look at my pussy as they could. I felt like I was drunk from all the excitement of them watching me that I stopped using the pole. When they approached the stage I just stuck my pussy in their face as close as I could.” Megan said.



Walter was the average loving father, until he met Joan. Tantalizingly kinky, Joan lives in world where taboo sex is just the beginning. Tempted to his limits, this sex crazed father is soon crossing every depraved boundary. In this Lot’s Cave Nine Book Edition, father daughter incest and bestiality are just gateways into a stimulating world of BDSM, degradation, and the ultimate forbidden pleasure.

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