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Seven Anal Exhibition Stories

Title:  Alex Barton Presents...

Series:  Seven Anal Exhibition Stories

Author: Alex Barton

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  46,859 Words

ISBN:  LC1600134

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Book Cover Photo: Alex Barton Presents... ~ Seven Anal Exhibition Stories ~ by Alex Barton

Alex Barton Presents...


“Matt, are you sure about this?” Chloe asked, pausing for a moment from chopping zucchinis. She turned to her husband, her face showing her concern as she watched him open a bottle of wine, pour two glasses and hand her one.

“Sweetheart, we discussed it all last weekend and again before I rang your father. We both want Katie’s first time to be a loving, enjoyable experience and who better to sodomize her than her own grandfather? I know you’re worried about the size and thickness of Stephen’s cock, but he’s assured me he’ll take his time about working the full length into Katie’s rectum. There’s no way he’d ever hurt her. He’s never hurt you when he’s fucked your ass, has he?”

“No, but she’s so young and Daddy’s cock is almost as big as yours and just as thick! I’m just afraid her anus won’t manage to accommodate him,” Chloe said, taking another, larger, sip of her wine.

“Chloe, love, we both know it’s time to take Katie’s experience to the next stage. I’ve been fucking her every day for the last six months, you’ve introduced her to woman/girl sex, she knows what it feels like to have her cunt fisted, it’s the logical next step and she’s looking forward so much to spending the night with Stephen. I can’t imagine her disappointment if I told her you were having second thoughts.”

“I know, it’s silly I suppose,” Chloe said, leaning across to kiss her husband as thanks for the reassurance. “She was so bubbly with excitement when I drove her to school this morning. She sat with her skirt round her waist, masturbating all the way there. She kept leaning across to give me her fingers to suck, wet with her cream so I could see how aroused she was by the thought of having anal sex with her own grandfather. It was so funny, I had to keep waving to her friends and teachers when we arrived because she was sitting in the car with her eyes shut, her whole body trembling with the intensity of her orgasm…”



Alex Barton presents seven stories in a collection of incest and sexual power and perversion that anyone who loves anal sex will find irresistible! Young daughters violated anally by family members—Ladies debased from behind.

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eBook TAGS    Anal Sex, Rimming, Felching, Exhibitionism, Incestuous Family, Explicit, Girl-girl, Non-consensual, Double-penetration

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