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Mother Son Incest Erotica

Title:  Busted

Series:  N/A

Author: Angel Scott

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  15,077 Words

ISBN:  LC1000255

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3D Ebook Cover - Busted ~ by Angel Scott



“My problem? Paul asked. He thought for a few seconds before speaking again. “Well, my problem with you seems to be the fact that I just caught you at work, doing strip dances around a fucking pole. So, you’re busted!”

“So, I told you that I worked at a strip club. It’s good money, and I’m decent at the pole dancing. I’m an adult, Paul. So, get over it.”

“See, the problem is that you’re too old for this shit, mom. You shouldn’t be doing this type of work. It’s like, ewww.” Paul cringed as he thought about old ladies dancing around a stripper pole.

“Fuck you, Paul. You need to leave, now.” Paula hissed.

“No, I’m not leaving. You can’t make me. I’m a paying customer.” Paul held up his money and showed his wallet to be a little thinner than before.

“Fine, just leave me alone.” Paula scolded.

“No, I won’t do that either. I came to see you. I wanna stay for the show now. So, you better show me better than what you did so far, mom.”

“Excuse me?” Paula asked, as she wrapped her arms across her perky tits.

“You heard me mom. You’re not deaf. Now show me.” Paul

“How?” Paula asked in confusion.

“A full lap dance, momma.” Paul said as he pointed to the couch.

“It’s expensive. Do you have the money, Paul?” Paula asked.

“Yes.” Paul answered as he pulled out a fifty-dollar bill.

“Fine. Go sit on the couch.” Paula instructed.

Paul moved over to the couch and sat down. He set the money on the couch and then smiled at the sight of his half naked mom. Damn, she looked hot! He thought to himself as he enjoyed the view. Before his mom noticed anything, he hurried to unzip his jeans and moved the material off his dick. The thin boxers would surely help him feel better and give him more room, and maybe even move out of his shorts so that he could feel his mom’s vagina against him. He watched as his mom hurried over and climbed up on top of him.

“So, why do you want a lap dance, Paul? Why did you come here?” Paula asked, as she started to grind against his crotch. She could feel his cock even more now as she grinded her pussy against his hard-on.

“Well, to be honest, I can’t seem to get that blow-job out of my mind, and that naked body of yours. So, I decided to come see for myself whether you could really dance or not. Plus, see you naked again.” Paul did a half smirk, and a half cockiness type of voice. He looked at his mom’s tits, and licked his lips.

Paula felt stunned at her son’s honesty, and she could see the passion growing inside her son’s eyes. His eyes looked lit up like a fucking Christmas tree. Like a child getting ready to open presents. So, Paula rocked her body back and forth gently, and continued to grind against him. His cock really reacted now as he felt the thin material move with each stroke and soon, he felt his cock come out and move against his mom’s wet panties!

“Can you move up a little bit so I can get to your tits, mom? I want to feel them and suck on them, like I did a long time ago.”



Ever wonder what happens when you get busted for things that you shouldn't be doing, or things that you like doing, but others take offense in? Come join this fun tale of mother-son getting busted for hot sexy duties!

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eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, masturbation, anal play, Blow-Job, peeking & watching

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