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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  Good Girl's Naughty Task

Series:  Becoming Daddy's Good Girl No.8

Author: Reed James

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Reed James

Language: English

Length:  6,900 Words

ISBN:  LC1100333

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3D Ebook Cover - Good Girl's Naughty Task ~ Becoming Daddy's Good Girl No.8 ~ by Reed James

Good Girl's Naughty Task


I wanted to scream and shout and moan as loud as I could as Daddy rammed his huge cock into my eighteen-year-old cunt. He had me pinned against the shower wall, the spray crashing into his back, a steamy mist wafting over me as I humped and wiggled and enjoyed every second of his dick slamming into my barely legal depths.

My daddy fucked me. I was his good girl. His sex slave. My choker lay on the bathroom counter. The only time I could take it off was in the shower. He gave it to me Saturday night while Mommy watched, proud that I was Daddy's good girl.

So I should be able to scream my head off. I didn't have to hide it from Mommy. Not when she was sitting on the bathroom counter, watching us, fingering her shaved cunt, her large tits heaving as she savored her impending orgasm—a gift from Daddy.

We could only cum when he commanded us.

Water was getting everywhere with the shower door open, but Mommy and I would clean it up later. Daddy wanted an audience as he fucked me this morning. My fingers scratched at his back as my pussy clenched down on his wonderful dick. His groin smacked into my clit each time, shooting sparks through me. My nipples rubbed on his wet, muscular, tattooed chest. He was a hunk. A gorgeous man.

I loved him so much.

And I wanted to scream it to the world.

But my fraternal twin sister Alice was in the house, sleeping in her bedroom. She wasn't Daddy's good girl—yet. She had to be worked into it. She was a...rebellious girl. A sarcastic, defiant, bratty girl who also yearned to be spanked over and over by her daddy until she exploded in orgasmic delight.

Like she had yesterday when Daddy spanked her with his belt for being bad on her trip to our grandparents with Mommy. It had embarrassed her to cum in front of the family and she fled to her room. I went there and comforted her.

And not in a normal, sisterly way. I seduced her.

My pussy clenched on Daddy's cock remembering the sweet delight of fingering her pussy while she rubbed mine and then our passionate sixty-nine. Her pussy tasted so wonderful. We came so hard together.

“Yes, yes, Daddy,” I moaned as his balls slapped into me. “May I cum, Daddy? Please, please.”

“Yes, may the little slut cum on your huge cock, Sir?” moaned Mommy, plunging three fingers from both her hands into her pussy, stretching her shave cunt wide apart. Her tits heaved as she shuddered on the counter. “The little whore needs it. Our daughter is a cock-hungry slut, aching to cum. Will you let her, Sir? I know how much you love to feel her cunt spasm on your dick. Such a naughty Daddy.”

“Slave, you brought her into the bathroom for me to fuck,” he growled. “You're fingering your whore-cunt as you watch your daughter writhe like a slut on my cock. What does that make you?”

“The naughtiest mother in the world.” She threw back her head, bit her lip, and came hard. Juices squirted out around her plunging fingers, adding more mess to the floor that had to be cleaned up.



The good girl always follows her daddy's orders, especially when it involves fingering her sister! Melody is her daddy's submissive, good girl. She does everything he wants. She is his devoted slave. And Daddy wants Melody's sister Alice to submit. But Alice isn't ready. But Daddy has a naughty plan to claim Alice, and Melody is eager to obey. First, Melody needs to get Alice horny. Melody turns to her exhibitionist friend Sun for help. The nau

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eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Sister Sister Incest, submissive daughter, daddy discipline, schoolgirl barely legal, sisters eat pussy, domination submission BDSM, sister lesbian Sex, public risky sex

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