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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  Bratty Sister Gets Spanked

Series:  Becoming Daddy's Good Girl No.7

Author: Reed James

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Reed James

Language: English

Length:  6,800 Words

ISBN:  LC1100332

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3D Ebook Cover - Bratty Sister Gets Spanked ~ Becoming Daddy's Good Girl No.7 ~ by Reed James

Bratty Sister Gets Spanked


“Alice Rachel Johnson,” Daddy boomed.

I squeaked in fright and almost fell off his chair. He pushed down the recliner and stood up. I hopped off, the seat rocking. He towered over Alice as she squirmed on the couch, her face paling, the sneer vanishing from her lips. Daddy seized her chin, lifting her gaze.

“You were disobedient to your mother and made it more difficult to care for your grandparents. You will march up to my bedroom, go into my closet, and fetch the black leather belt. Right now, young lady!”

“Yes, Daddy,” she squeaked.

Daddy let go of her neck and she bolted out of the living room for the stairs, skirt swirling about her legs. A smile crossed Daddy's lips. His cock tented his jeans. He stood with his arms crossed, his muscles stretching his shirt. They were always so tight.

“Did you see how eager she was, June?”

“I did, Sir,” Mommy smiled. “For the last two weeks, I told her you would give her a spanking to remember if she didn't behave. She kept defying me. I could see it in her eyes. She wants Daddy to spank her hard.”

“She takes after her mother.” Then Daddy glanced at me as I stood by his chair. “And her sister.”

“We're nothing alike,” I gasped. “She's such a brat. She never obeys and always is causing trouble. Look, she just left her bag in the middle of the living room and—”

“Quiet, slave.”

I clamped my mouth shut and lowered my head. “Yes, Daddy.”

Alice scampered back down the stairs, her face flushed, a thick, leather belt coiled in her hands. She ran up to Daddy and presented the belt. Then she bent over the arm of the couch, the position she was always spanked in.

I never realized how eager she was to obey Daddy when he spanked her. At no other time would she move with such speed when given a chore or task. She would always drag her feet, whine and complain, throw little fits, anything to get out of doing what she was told.

And here she was, eager to be spanked. I glanced at her face. Her dark eyes twinkled. Her hips gave an eager sway, a movement I knew so well from the many times I had been spanked or flogged, that urge to feel the stinging smack, yearning for the pain that would burn into pleasure.

My sister was a pain slut. Like me.

“No,” Daddy said. “Bare bottom.”

Her eyes widened. “What?”

“Take off your dress now, young lady.”

“I'm not a child anymore, Dad,” she huffed, straightening up from the couch. Her arms crossed before her, eyes fixed. “No bare bottom spanking.”

“You've acted like a child the entire time you were at your grandparents,” growled Daddy. “A spoiled brat. So you'll be disciplined like one. And now you're trying to wheedle out of your punishment. An extra five spankings.”

“Five?” she screeched.


Her eyes goggled.

“Fifteen.” Daddy smacked the belt into his hand and Alice flinched. “I'll keep counting until you take that dress off.”

“I'm not wearing a bra, Daddy.” She hesitated. “You'll know.”

“I've seen tits before, girl. Twenty.”



“Fine,” she pouted.



Melody is eager to watch Daddy spank bratty sister then comfort her with naughty caresses! Melody is horny. She wants so badly for her release, but her daddy won't let her. Melody has to seduce her sister first. Daddy needs another good girl. When Alice, Melody's sister, comes home, Daddy is angry. She's been a bratty girl and needs to be spanked. Melody squirms, watching Daddy spank Alice's bare bottom, growing more and more excited, eager to

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