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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  Good Girl's Naughty Bath

Series:  Becoming Daddy's Good Girl No.6

Author: Reed James

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Reed James

Language: English

Length:  6,700 Words

ISBN:  LC1100331

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3D Ebook Cover - Good Girl's Naughty Bath ~ Becoming Daddy's Good Girl No.6 ~ by Reed James

Good Girl's Naughty Bath


“Men paid Daddy to have sex with you?”

“And I came so hard as he sold me.” She shivered and squeezed my tits. “Ooh, let's get you bathed and we'll talk. No more secrets.”

Mom turned on the faucet, kneeling by the bath like she had when I was a child, sticking her hand underneath it, making sure the water was just the right temperature before she put in the stopper. The water filled and she grabbed the bottle of pink bubbles.

It should have been in the other upstairs bath. The one I normally used.

“You were expecting to bathe me?” I blinked.

“Sweetie, your Daddy and I worked this out before I left. Right down to me catching you coming back from the dungeon. He thought it would be funny if it was a surprise. I wanted to tell you right after he seduced you, but he likes his little jokes.”

“He does?” I had trouble believing that. Daddy was always so...remote. Strong. Authoritative. He sometimes didn't seem like a real person but a force of nature. A sexy, dominating presence demanding my submission and giving me such ecstasy.

“Yes.” she swirled her hand through the water as it filled, the pink bubbles spreading, the bubblegum flavor brushing my nose. “Now hop in, and I'm going to wash every inch of your body.”

The way she said it sent an excited flutter through me. There was no denying the sexual nature of her words. “Yes...Mommy.”

She smiled. “Mommy. You haven't called me that in years. I love it. Now get your cute keister in the bath. Daddy wants you scrubbed clean.”

I did. I groaned as I sank in. The warm water rose up my thighs and then engulfed my sore ass. I it was heavenly. I knelt in the water then leaned back. She shut it off, the water only filling up to just above my waist, leaving my stomach and breasts dry. I sighed again, my bruised ass drinking in the warmth.

While Mommy stripped.

I watched her, suddenly eager to see what she looked like. I had caught glimpses of her naked body before. I even once saw Daddy spank her in their bedroom, the door cracked open. She had such a beautiful ass. But this was different.

She was stripping for me.

She worked down the buttons of her blouse. It was so frumpy and boring. And then I smiled as her bra came into view, bright red and covered in frilly lace. The fabric was mesh, her nipples poking through hard. It was a whore's bra.

A slave's bra.



A good girl is bathed by her naughty mother to get her ready for Daddy's pleasure. Melody was shocked to find her mom had come home early from vacation and caught her and Daddy. But Melody was so wrong. Her mommy is Daddy's slave, too. And Mommy has to give Daddy's good girl a bath and get her ready. But the bath quickly turns naughty. Melody is primed by her mommy, her body flushed and ready as she gasps in the bath. Daddy watches, and he is e

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eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, submissive daughter, daddy discipline, schoolgirl barely legal, mommy fingers daughter, lesbian incest, dominationg submission BDSM

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