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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  Good Girl Flogged

Series:  Becoming Daddy's Good Girl No.5

Author: Reed James

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Reed James

Language: English

Length:  6,600 Words

ISBN:  LC1100330

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3D Ebook Cover - Good Girl Flogged ~ Becoming Daddy's Good Girl No.5 ~ by Reed James

Good Girl Flogged


“You ready, honey?” Daddy whispered, pressing against me.

“Yes, Daddy,” I moaned back.

Daddy bent down and jerked my right ankle to the foot restraint, cinching it tight. I felt open now, my shaved pussy on display. He moved the other one, finishing the X. I swallowed, looking over my shoulders.

“Look at the slut drip,” a man boomed. “She's eager to be flogged.”

“She's a good girl,” a giggly voice said. “She wants to make her Daddy happy.”

“Mmm, yes, she does,” groaned a man. “That ass was made to be flogged. Look at how round it is.”


“She's wiggling her hips. The little slut's eager. Mark lucked out having such a hot cunt for a daughter. Just like her mom.”

They knew my mom? Did that mean she had been in this dungeon? Had she fucked other men while Daddy watched? Had she been chained to this very St. Andrew's Cross and flogged for the amusement of the others?

She had. And now I was her replacement. Younger, sexier, hotter. I wiggled my hips, drinking in their sensation while Daddy opened up his duffel bag to pull out his toys. He had more than a few floggers, some beautiful others homemade by himself. Then he sat aside acrylic canes, thin and flexible. Last a wooden paddle with holes drilled through its broad surface so it could swing faster and smack harder.

“Whip that ass, Mark,” a guy groaned.

Daddy grabbed his moose-leather flogger, the tails thick. It made wonderful, thuddy smacks when it hit. He stood behind me and threw my braid over my shoulder, getting it out of the way. He swung the flail. It swished through the air. I could feel the air brushing my body, the ends almost caressing me, teasing me.

I wiggled, wanting to feel the sting. I was so excited. All these sexy men and hot women watching me, lusting after me. I was the cutest girl here. Daddy had to be so proud of me.

The first slap of the flail struck my shoulder, just the tip, grazing me. I groaned as Daddy swung it in an X pattern. It hit my other shoulder with more of the tail, a thudding smack echoed. Burning warmth radiated out of my back.

He moved in closer, more and more of the flail hitting me. Loud thuds and thwacks echoed as he worked my shoulders and back. I swayed and pulled against my restrains as the warmth built to burning pain.

“Daddy,” I moaned, squirming.

“Look at that ass wiggle. She wants to be spanked there.”

“When she's ready,” Daddy said.

The flail kept landing. It was wonderful. The pain somehow became pleasure. I swayed, sucking in breaths, my pussy growing more and more excited. Juices trickled down my thighs as I squirmed. I bit my lip, the endorphins building, spreading rapture through my mind as the flail thudded harder.

And then it changed directions, slapping upward now, striking the base of my butt-cheeks and dragging up my ass to my lower back. I gasped at the thudding impact. I lurched forward, pressing my round breasts into the cold metal of the cross.

Thud. Thud. Thud.



A good girl is flogged by her Daddy before a group of Doms and then gangbanged! Today, Melody is earning her choker, her slave collar to her Daddy. She's eager to submit and obey her Daddy. To earn it, she has to demonstrate her absolute submission in a private dungeon. While other Doms and their sexy slaves watch, Melody is bound to the St. Andrew's Cross and flogged. But submitting to the lash is not enough. Melody will have to let all the Do

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eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, dominationg submission BDSM, schoolgirl barely legal, daddy discipline, daddy's good girl, gangbang orgy, submissive daughter

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