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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  Dressing Room Submission

Series:  Becoming Daddy's Good Girl No.1

Author: Reed James

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Reed James

Language: English

Length:  6,900 Words

ISBN:  LC1100326

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3D Ebook Cover - Dressing Room Submission ~ Becoming Daddy's Good Girl No.1 ~ by Reed James

Dressing Room Submission


“That's my good girl,” he whispered as his hands kneaded me. “Mmm, you're making Daddy so happy. Now bend over. Let's see how this skirt moves.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

My pussy clenched as I bent over. He let go of my ass as I did. I gasped when I pressed back into his cock bulging his jeans. I felt it along the top of my ass as I bent over, my braid falling to the floor. I fought the urge to grind back against him. My pussy was so itchy. I wanted to be touched.

Needed to be touched.

I didn't care if it was my Daddy doing the touching.

That would just make it hotter.

“What a gorgeous skirt,” he groaned, gripping my hips. He moved, sliding his bulge up and down against my ass, moving it lower. It pressed against my pussy. I felt him through all our clothing. So big. So thick. Was he bigger than a normal guy? What would he feel like in me?

Incestuous passions gripped me. I wanted my father to fuck me right here, right now.

“Melody, kneel,” he ordered, grinding harder against me.”


His hand smacked on my ass. I yelped as the burning pain shot through me. I didn't understand why that made my pussy even warmer. “I gave you an order. What happens when girls are bad?”

“We're spanked, Daddy.”

He rubbed my ass where his hand landed. “Well?”

I spun around and knelt before him, the thin carpet of the changing room rough on my knees. I stared up at him. He seemed even taller than usual. The changing room's light shone above his head, making him a dark shadow.

“You've made me hard,” he continued. “You've excited me. Good girls take care of the problems they create.”

I stared at his cock, my eyes widening. “I...What are you wanting me to do, Daddy?” This couldn't be happening. This really couldn't. We were in the changing room. I know I was horny and wanted my Daddy, but they were just fantasies.

Incestuous, forbidden fantasies.

“I am telling you to pull out my cock and suck it until I cum. You will swallow every drop. If you don't, I will spank you so hard when we get home.” His hand reached out and seized my braid. “You promised to be a good girl, Melody.”

“I did, Daddy.” I licked my lips, staring at his bulge. “But...but...what about Mom?”

“What about her? She's not here. You are. What will it be, young lady?”



An eighteen-year-old daughter wants to be a good girl for Daddy and please him! Melody is thrilled when her mom and twin sister go out of town. She's looking forward to taking care of her hunky, dominating Daddy. She plans on cooking and taking care of the house. But she doesn't expect to take over all her mom's wifely duties. When she goes shopping with her daddy, she's excited to show of her new, sexy clothing. But her youthful body excites.

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eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, submissive daughter, daddy discipline, virgin cherry popping, public risky sex, dominationg submission BDSM, schoolgirl barely legal

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