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Brother Sister Incest Erotica

Title:  They All Cum at Carlisle's

Series:  N/A

Author: Lauren Milfinger

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lotís Cave

Language: English

Length:  33,668 Words

ISBN:  LC1200169

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3D Ebook Cover - They All Cum at Carlisle's ~ by Lauren Milfinger

They All Cum at Carlisle's


I flopped over backward onto the mattress. The twins pushed my legs up, each resting one of my legs on her shoulder. At this distance, I couldnít see their cunts, or even their tits, so I really couldnít tell which was which. I thought Callie was on the right, but I wasnít sure. I didnít care, either.

Their heads tilted in opposite directions. The one I thought might be Callie started running her tongue through my pubic patch, before trailing it down to flicker across my clit. The other was sucking on my cunt lips, licking between them, letting her tongue probe my sensitive depths. Something, a finger, I guessed, slid into me and began to caress the wet, silken flesh. Two tongues fluttered and probed, teased and demanded, sent ecstatic chills running through my body.

My eyes fixed on a knot in the rough pine ceiling. It seemed to go in and out of focus, as if my senses were overloading with pleasure. Soft, young hands caressed my nipples. The cabin, the world seemed to fade away, until there was no here, no now. Nothing but pleasure. The sound of the blood rushing through my veins echoed in my ears, mixed with a low, gasping, ecstatic moaning that I hardly recognized as my own orgasmic vocalizations.

It was as if I was alone, yet not alone. My cunt took on a separate existence, radiating warm, insistent sensuality, the deep muscles squeezing the long, slender finger that was exploring its deepest recesses. My clit was screaming with pleasure, hardly able to stand the relentless oral assault, yet wanting it to continue, to grow, to become the true core of being.

The room, the cabin, was gone. My eyes were open, but all I saw was an indistinct blur, as if Iíd been transported to a place where bodies no longer mattered, and only pure, spiritual ecstasy even existed.

I donít know how long it lasted. It seemed to go on forever.

At some point a beautiful, shaved pussy appeared above my face. I worshipped it with my tongue, tasted the sweet essence that welled up from deep within the dark, velvet tunnel. It was dreamlike, unreal. It seemed as if there was no interval, no break from one orgasm to the next. My cunt was in heaven, my tongue deep in a wonderful, perfect pussy that twitched and pulsed with each flickering touch.

I have no idea how long it went on. I seemed to drift from one shattering cum to another, until there was nothing for my body to do but admit satiation and drift off into a deep sleep, where dreams of lesbian pleasures continued.

When I came back to myself it was dark outside, and in the cabin. I was sleeping on my back, a beautiful, naked twin at either side, their arms entwined across me.

If I have to leave this place, I thought, this is the memory to leave it with.



Lauren's autobiography, begun in The Life of Lauren, and continued in Across the Pond, now enters a new phase in They All Cum at Carlisle's. Lauren spent the summer of 1995 at Carlisle's Nature Resort, an adults-only nudist resort, where she taught a weekly creative writing class, and got to know the some of the incestuous families staying there in a most intimate way.

eBook TAGS    brother sister sex, nudist orgy, oral sex, incestuous twins, lesbians, train sex, pee


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