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Historical Romance

Title:  The Journey Begins

Series:  Swords & Stones No.1

Author: Mysticalchemist

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  78,142 Words

ISBN:  LC6100007

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3D Ebook Cover - The Journey Begins ~ Swords & Stones No.1 ~ by Mysticalchemist

The Journey Begins


The dream came to me. She was my special one. Every night she came. My fingers felt the silky warmth of her skin as they moved along her side and around her front. So smooth. She always liked me to cuddle her from behind, my arm over her body, holding her to me. The perfume of her hair pleasuring my nose. She started to turn. She always started to turn. I felt her muscles rippling under my touch, her body exerting itself to turn to face me. My pleasure rising with expectation, anticipating her eyes encountering mine. Her lips close for my kiss. Her smile to give me strength to face another day.

Today is different. The dream doesn’t end. Not here where it always ends. Leaving me. Today she keeps turning so I see her face for the first time. She’s looking into my eyes. Not just looking, peering deeply. Searching into my soul. Her luscious lips part.

“Your time has come.”

Every word totally clear in my mind. Engraved as though chiselled in stone. I can’t remember her face, it’s gone, as is she. Only her words remain for eternity.

I lie thinking. Part of me knows exactly what she means. Part doesn’t want to know, but that part is shrinking, letting the possibilities flow. It’s early evening when I finally settle on my plan. I decide to celebrate with supper out.

The best place in town is opposite the palace. The most expensive food, but simply delicious. An outside table for two, me and my dream woman, though I only order for one. I relax, watching the citizenry pass, enjoying the city sights for the first time in ages. My meal arrives, preceded by an aroma that has juices welling inside my mouth.

“My mother said you might be looking for a good wife?”

Food put on hold for a moment. I Know her. Crispina’s daughter. She’s rather pleasing on the eye.

“Can I sit with you a while?”

She moves the chair back herself. Holding her red dress up while she gracefully settles into the seat. Dress rearranged. Arms on the table.

“Would you like something to eat?”

“I’ve had supper, but one of their special sweets would be so nice.”

I wave my hand to attract a waiter.

“The lady will order.”

The waiter knows her well. Order taken and delivered as though they had it ready, anticipating her needs. My eyes surveying her. She did look good. Really good.

“That’s so kind of you.” She said when the waiter had gone. “Mum said you were a sweetheart. She said you’d make a wonderful husband. You do have that big villa still?”

“Yes. I’ve still got my parent’s villa.”

“It must be lonely with just you. A place that big should be filled with people. How many slaves have you got now?”

“No slaves.” I said.

“I heard you were at the markets today looking. I can help you there. If we went together, I’d show you how to pick the good ones. Big muscles. Strong bodies. Good workers. We could get some girls for you too. I could get that villa of yours back to being the centre of the scene.”



Imagine the gods chose you to act for them. Imagine they guided your life to give you happiness and success before you learnt their true purpose. In the height of the Roman Empire, Dan is driven to change his life, finding those he encounters being drawn into a web of growing business success, but most of all, finding what every man seeks - A woman to love and be loved by.

eBook TAGS    Historical Romance, Ancient Rome, adventure, Erotic Romance for men


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