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Bestiality Erotica

Title:  Sophie and the Seven Elves

Series:  Valhalla Pussies No.1

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  65,800 Words

ISBN:  LC4500115

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Sophie and the Seven Elves


The effect of the three identical sisters standing side by side and caressing their breasts as they moved their hips in a circular motion was highly erotic. Princess Sophie noticed that even their father was aroused by their explicit acts, and was rubbing his hand against the crotch of his breeches.

Although she was a woman, and ought to be immune to such a sexual display by the female elves, Princess Sophie felt the heat in her own cunt and realised she was increasingly wet. Acting in unison, Elfriede, Álfhildr and Ælfgifu all put their right hands on their crotches, rubbing them in small circles and causing the king to groan.


You are still jungfrau, a virgin, and if I am to take you, I must penetrate your maidenhead. It will hurt. Do you wish to stop.’

‘Nein, Go on, Your Majesty.’

Albirich drew back until just the tip of his cock was contained within Sophie’s cunt lips. He drove forward suddenly and forcefully and as his bulbous glans slammed against her hymen, a searing pain shot through her body. Her legs jerked straight and she gave a high-pitched scream.

She sensed a hand holding hers and glanced to her right. Princess Ælfgifu was kneeling beside her.

‘It hurts, but soon it will be over and it will feel wonderful, Sophie.’


Your Serene Highness. I went with seven men that night, one nobleman but the rest were commoners.’

In reality two were kings and three were lords of Elfheim, but Sophie could not say she had visited Elfheim. It would have to be a ball with ordinary mortal men and commoners and an odd lord or two sounded more plausible.

‘Georg, if this is correct, this, this strichmädchen, … this whore you have spawned is not even fit to service the palace guard! What do you know about this?’


‘Let me quote from Malleus, “all witchcraft comes from carnal lust, which is in women insatiable.” I know it will shock Your Serene Highness, but depraved women even have sex with the Devil, paving their way to become witches.’

The Prince Elector looked at his brother stonily. It was rubbish, but he had to pretend to take it seriously.

‘What has this to do with the Princess Sophie, Your Grace?’

‘When we questioned the ladies-in-waiting, one admitted that on the morning that the princess returned to the Schloss Karinshall after being out all night, there was blood on her chemise, Your Serene Highness.’


‘The blood was where a woman would bleed if she had sex with the devil, Your Serene Highness.’



‘It is very easy for the rulers in any land to become distant from the people and to regard themselves as an elite. At Elfheim, that happened two thousand five hundred years ago and we took steps to counter it. Every week a royal princess draws lots, and the girl who wins puts on the ‘mask of state’ which means she cannot see who takes her.’

‘She will take not less than four of my people, their names being drawn by lot, but the lottery is completely secret so that she will never know who they were.



18 y.o. Princess Sophie of Bavaria faced a loveless marriage of State. Kidnapped by Elves, she was taken to the Great Hall of Elfheim as a sex toy, but found love. The Elf King released her, but as the coach took Sophie to her arranged marriage, she fled. Can she escape to Elfheim, or will she burn as a witch? Erotic folk tale, brothel sex, shapeshifter sex, striptease, gangbang, girl elf sex, girl goat sex & romance.

eBook TAGS    girl goat sex, girl elf sex, shapeshifter sex, teen prostitute, religious sex, striptease, public sex, coerced sex


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