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Bestiality Erotica

Title:  The Fuehrer Blonde

Series:  The Fuehrer Girls No.1

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  66,528 Words

ISBN:  LC4500111

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3D Ebook Cover - The Fuehrer Blonde ~ The Fuehrer Girls No.1 ~ by Cindy May

The Fuehrer Blonde


As she envisioned Sophie’s red lips slipping over the goat cock of her lover, Liselotte gave a soft moan. Sophie had written of the torrent of cum that had exploded from Krampus’ balls. From the size of Blitzen’s balls, and the quantity of cum he had ejaculated in Lisel’s mouth, Sophie had described the sensation as her mouth was filled to overflowing with goat semen to perfection. It had been an incredible moment and from what Sophie had said, it must have been precious to her.

Lisel realised that her desperate need to keep all of Blitzen’s cum in her mouth had been conditioned by what Sophie had written four hundred years ago.


“Suddenly I shuddered as I felt Sturm sliding his dripping schwanz up my arsch crack and finding the entrance to my maus which was also dripping with the excitement. It was incredible how easily his big pointed cock slid into my maus.

My uterine muscles must have worked automatically as I do not think I was conscious of making them start to clamp and release the dog’s schwanz. I was holding the Führer’s schwanz in my right hand, so all my weight was carried on my left arm, and as Sturm was straddling my back, my poor arm had to support him as well! I shut my eyes as I wondered at what was happening to me. Here I was sucking our beloved Führer’s schwanz, whilst a German Shepherd dog was having sex with me.”


“Just imagine that! The Führer has empathy and understanding for me, and I am just his model. He told me to sit on an ornate chair and to drape my right leg over the arm at about a forty-five degree angle. For my left leg he told me to do the same.

With my legs parted like this, I felt very exposed, but the Führer explained that as I am a natural blonde, my schamhaar, as he called my private hair, is especially pretty. Any pose that did not reveal my lovely hair would be an artistic disgrace. I realised he was looking upon me with the eye of a true artist. Isn’t this wonderful!

He said for me to reach round my leg with my left hand and to put my first and second fingers on my wet little maus. It was so sweet how he said it! I could not reach, but instead of scolding me, he said to bring my leg more upright until I could.”


“Did you see me in this car in the newsreels during the Anschluss?”

“Ja, Mein Führer. It was wonderful what you achieved for Greater Germany.”

“Did you ever think I would fuck you on the mudguard of the self-same car?”

“Nein, Mein Führer.”

“Do you like being fucked on the mudguard of my car, Heidi?”

“Of course I do, Mein Führer.”

“I am going to cum in you soon, child. Is that all right?”

“Of course, Mein Führer.”


As Dieter rammed in and out of Eva, at a far faster pace than he had fucked their mama, his sister gabbled.

‘Wunderbar! wunderbar! Ja, Hans, fuck your magnificent schwanz into me, all the way Schatzi. As deep as you can, my love.’



From her diary, blonde actress Heidi had sex with Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler, and a horse! Her granddaughter Lisel married Graf von Scheering and lived in a fairytale castle in Bavaria. Research for a book, fears over her shameful pedigree, and stupidity creates hell for Lisel. Gangbangs, brothel sex, watersports, rape, prostitution, striptease, mother son, father daughter, brother sister incest, girl goat, girl horse & girl dog sex

eBook TAGS    girl goat sex, girl horse sex, girl dog sex, family incest, watersports, striptease, prostitution, dubious consent


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