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Bestiality Erotica

Title:  The Jewess and the Boyar's Daughter

Series:  The Devochka Chronicles No.1

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  59,200 Words

ISBN:  LC4500110

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3D Ebook Cover - The Jewess and the Boyar's Daughter ~ The Devochka Chronicles No.1 ~ by Cindy May

The Jewess and the Boyar's Daughter


Rachael unfastened her sarafan and saw the Boyar’s outstretched hand. Clearly she had to give it to him. She was ashamed to be standing in her blouse, and handing her sarafan or dress to a stranger. Her slender legs were visible to the Boyar who stared at them with undisguised interest. She felt utterly miserable and ashamed.

‘Go on, devochka.’

Rachael stared at Semyon Mikhailovich open mouthed.

‘The blouse, you fool.’

‘But I, but I…’

Rachael looked at the expression of annoyance on Semyon Mikhailovich’s face. She removed her blouse and handed it to him, standing naked before His Excellency. She knew her face was scarlet with shame, but if the price for what she needed so desperately was to stand naked before the Boyar, then that is what it had to be.


She lay on the bed, ready to catch, but the first coin fell well short, not even reaching the bed. The second one landed between her tits, whilst the third slid off her left thigh. The next two coins missed her entirely. The sixth coin landed on her pussy bush but did not count, whilst the seventh and eights coins missed.

The penultimate coin flew through the air and landed on target, the copper coin contrasting with the wet pinkness of her pussy flaps. Semyon Mikhailovich had trained her to say ‘Raaa’ just as soldiers cheered their commanders, so she called out as demanded. The final coin sliced through the air, to land on her pussy bush, but did not count. Rachael would be going home with 50 kopeks the following morning, which was a week’s wages for many poor folks in Vikovishk.


The man who was in Sima grunted.

‘Hold her boys.’

To Rosa’s horror two of the men knelt down and held her sister forcefully. The soldier drew back and slammed forward, but with the girl’s body rigidly held so that there was no way to dissipate the force, the whole of the thrust was expended on her battered hymen.

Sima shrieked at the top of her voice, as the cock smashed into her hymen and ruptured it. The soldier laughed.

‘God, that was a tough one, but she’s opened up now. You’ll enjoy her boys.’


‘And you’re starting to enjoy it, aren’t you?’

‘Yes, yes, I am.’

‘I think Grom is about to cum, Excellency.’

‘Well done, Slavin.’

‘Thank you, Excellency.’

As Slavin said ‘thank you’, Sima felt the massive tube of horse flesh quiver. It felt the same as a man’s penis did, when he fucked you. It meant the semen from his balls was being propelled the length of his shaft to erupt into her cunt.

A horse was bigger than a man, so would probably shoot more than the spoonful that a man shot, but how much Sima had no idea. Sometimes, if she had been fucked by several men in the brothel, she was so wet that it was only the muscular waves in the penis that she could feel.

With Grom, it was different. She felt a fierce jet of semen blasted into her cunt. She could feel it slamming into her cunt walls by her cervix. To her horror, instead of a few weak shots, the horse went on and on, forcing more and more semen into her cunt.



A period novel of love, sex and lust in 1840s Russia. Samuel, a Jew is disguised as a maid to a young noblewoman, to flee a 25 year army draft, but his sister had bought his escape with her body. The pregnant Rachael faces disgrace, as do her sisters. Prostitution by the barrack gates, brothel life, rape and a botched abortion hamper Sam’s efforts to save the girls who saved him. Random and coerced sex, brothel, older man, girl-horse sex.

eBook TAGS    barely legal girl, girl horse sex, dubious consent, prostitute, historical romance, striptease, brothel sex, multiple partners


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