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Family Incest Erotica

Title:  Three Pussies in a Boat

Series:  Pussies at Sea No.3

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  73,300 Words

ISBN:  LC1600132

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3D Ebook Cover - Three Pussies in a Boat ~ Pussies at Sea No.3 ~ by Cindy May

Three Pussies in a Boat


As her father had spoken of fucking her, Anka had been driving her head back and forth on his cock, so it was now rock solid. Her mother called out, ‘Deep throat your vader, Anka.’

Ilse stepped forward and put her hands on the side of her daughter’s head. She adjusted the angle the girl was holding her head, so she was pointing slightly upwards. When she was satisfied with the angle, Ilse applied steady pressure to the back of Anka’s head.

Cvita watched as the mother drove her husband’s cock steadily deeper into their daughter’s throat. Cvita was used to sexy sights on the Ljubav, but seeing a family group, where the mama helped the daughter deepthroat the papa, was one of the most erotic.

As she watched, Anka’s throat muscles started to throb. Cvita knew the Dutch girl was massaging her father’s cock. She was using the muscles that facilitated the swallowing of food


Everyone could see how her body was responding to the tongue lashing from the dog. A round of laughter greeted the remark about surprises to come. The beast drove his tongue against her cleft. Her hips convulsed and she cried out in lust, ‘Ohh God!’

A moment later, she had cause to cry out! The beast reared up on his hind legs. His heavy body landed on her back, and his front paws folded round her waist. He gripped her tightly, but as his claws slashed her flesh, she squealed in shock and pain.

Radko laughed at her pain, ‘Ohh dear! Usually we put socks on the dog’s paws, so his claws don’t cut the girl he’s fucking. Lucija has been so troublesome and unpleasant, that somehow we forgot to do so for her. That is such a shame.’

The only one to pay attention to Lucija was the half-witted Ilinka. As Lucija lay on the stone surround to the pool, the girl knelt beside her.

‘How do you feel? Can I get…’

‘I feel fucking awful, you stupid Kreten.’

‘I’m sorry. I wondered if you wanted some food?’


As Blitzen bleated, she felt a jet of semen erupting from the urethral process that was sufficiently deep to have entered her oesophagus. The goat had ejaculated in her mouth!

To her surprise, there was no taste to the semen, which puzzled her. Suddenly she understood. She had never deep throated a dog, so they fired their cum close to her taste buds. With the long urethral process, which was in her throat, it was as if she had performed deepthroat on the beast. As any girl who is any good at sucking cock could tell you, there are no taste buds in that region.

The oesophagus takes chewed-up food and drink to the stomach, but at a modest rate. The goat was pumping semen into her throat far faster than that. Within seconds, her oesophagus was full. Blitzen’s process continued to discharge semen at an incredible rate. It started backing up into Slatka’s mouth. It tasted as if it was a soft and salty cheese! As her mouth filled up, Slatka could feel the goat semen cascading over her lip, to run down her chin. Some of it was channelled between her tits and dropped to her belly. It wetted her cunt



Fresh visitors arrive for the Love Boat in the Adriatic. Skipper Bakonja has hurriedly replaced the girl who fled. Radko induces a naïve village girl to become a barmaid at his sex club, hoping to meet a rich foreigner. What of Cvita, left behind when the other girls fled? Striptease, prostitution, drugged sex, dubious consent, on stage sex, wife swapping, father-daughter, brother-sister incest, girl horse, girl goat & girl dog sex!

eBook TAGS   girl goat sex, girl horse sex, girl dog sex, prostitute, father daughter incest, striptease, brothel sex, brother sister incest


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