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Family Incest Erotica

Title:  The Little Chetnik Whore

Series:  Pussies at Sea No.2

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  69,000 Words

ISBN:  LC1600131

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3D Ebook Cover - The Little Chetnik Whore ~ Pussies at Sea No.2 ~ by Cindy May

The Little Chetnik Whore


Dieter slammed home, his glans crashing into her cervix, and causing her hips to judder. In, out, in, out. The sexual ballet continued at breakneck pace, although her brother was now breathing hard. Klara bucked her hips off the sun lounger, driving her body down their couch of sexual delight to increase the friction and the impact every time Dieter bottomed out in her. He was red faced, but suddenly grimaced and slammed full depth into her. He bellowed.

‘Ach, Ja!’

Klara felt his cock pulsing as he pumped millions of sperm into her at the mouth to her cervix. Four times his cock shuddered, as he pumped his semen deep inside her! He caressed her cheek and spoke tenderly.


‘It was; it was.’

When she had returned from the strip club having been fucked by over thirty men, there had been no pleasure, only shame. Now her whole being was electrified. She felt alive and loved. Her beloved brother, Dieter, had made her whole again.


‘And now my friends, the beautiful Marija has already entertained us when she fucked six of you selected by lottery on stage, and you know how wet her sweet little cunt was by the time the last man unloaded in her. Was that not sloppy seconds? Now, Marija will entertain us once more. A big hand for your favourite lady.’

There was a fanfare and Marija walked on stage in an ankle length dress covered in sequins. The audience burst into applause. In the weeks since Marija’s first timid sex show with Poglavica the Schäferhund, or German Shepherd dog, her life had changed out of all recognition. Every night she went on stage at Berislav’s, she thought back to the night she had copulated with Poglavica for the first time. Shame at having been fucked by a dog had made her distraught, but as she dressed to go home, Anto was staring at her.

She ran over to the guy who she had given everything for, as she so longed for his love and support. As she tried to throw her arms round him, he pushed her away roughly.

‘What happens?’

‘You fucked a dog, you cheap drolja.’

‘Anto, I did it for you, so those guys wouldn’t break your legs. I love you. Don’t call me a slut.’

‘Any woman who fucks a dog, even in private, is a diseased whore! A woman who fucks a dog on stage is refuse, garbage, beyond words.’

‘But I did it to save you, Anto. I did it for you.’


If she was to get him to cum, she had to make the effort, and she was now accomplished at doing so! She ran her hands up and down the shaft, as if she was trying to bring a lover off, which, in truth, was what she was aiming to do. Vrag shuffled his hooves, whinnied and jostled forward. As he did so, Marija felt his shaft throbbing. A torrent of horse semen erupted from his flare. Some spurted out between her cunt walls and his massive shaft, landing a metre away from the bench, but most was trapped in her cunt. Marija groaned in discomfort. Having half a litre of fluid suddenly pumped into a space that was intended for perhaps 10 ml of a man’s semen really did hurt



Romance blossoms between Croat whore Slatka and Dieter, a passenger on the love boat cruise in the Adriatic. Dieter’s father, Erich, rescues Chetnik teen Ljubica, but skipper Bakonja hates Germans, and forces Erich’s wife and daughter into prostitution and animal sex! Striptease, prostitution, random sex, wife swapping, father-daughter, mother-son, brother-sister incest, horse, donkey & dog sex shows, dubious consent, drugged sex

eBook TAGS   girl dog sex, girl horse sex, girl donkey sex, prostitute, mother son incest, striptease, father daughter incest, brother sister incest


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