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Family Incest Erotica

Title:  Slut of the Seas

Series:  Pussies at Sea No.1

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  72,000 Words

ISBN:  LC1600130

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3D Ebook Cover - Slut of the Seas ~ Pussies at Sea No.1 ~ by Cindy May

Slut of the Seas


‘Now for the big one! We can have a No Limits cruise, or a With Limits cruise, and that is your choice.’

Heidi asked, ‘What’s the difference honey, and what do you like?’

‘Sorry I explain badly. For a With Limits cruise, if a girl does not like something, for example rim a guy, or go air tight with all three holes filled up simultaneously, she can say no! For a No Limits cruise, we need every girl to agree that the word “NO” does not exist. If Dieter wants to fuck his mama on the table, he fucks her. If Jim Holland wants you to rim him, you rim him. If the girls draw lots so one of their number will go ashore naked to buy food for the boat and you are the winner, you must do so.’

Heidi cut in, ‘That sounds good to me, baby.’


Her legs were juddering, and if Dieter had not been lifting his mama up and down on his cock, she would have collapsed on his groin. Her breath was rasping. Her lungs were on fire, but best of all, she could feel Dieter’s cock spasming deep inside her.

‘Jaaaa! Fantastisch!’

As she screamed her pleasure, she could feel Dieter pumping jet after jet of semen deep inside her. Within a second or two, she could feel warm semen squirting out of her spasming fotze or pussy. She glanced at to Klara. Ja, it was gut! Semen was dribbling out of Klara’s sweet fotze. It was running down her papa’s cock and on to his groin. Mama and daughter had accomplished their incestuous joint insemination almost simultaneously. Like her mama, Klara had accomplished a superb incestuous fuck in front of an audience.


She was grunting each time the beast rammed into her as far as Radko and Bakonja would let him. To Radko’s disbelief the woman’s legs were starting to shudder and her moans were getting louder, but they were of lust not fear. She was babbling non-stop.

‘Good! Yeah baby, fuck that cock up me! Give it to me good. Empty those big balls in my coochie.’

As the idiot said that, Radko smiled. She would not have a clue how much cum a donkey shot, or what it would feel like when he did! A human lover might pump 5ml of cum in a girl, or 10 if he was a superman. A donkey unloaded around 500ml of semen, so it was like having a hundred guys unload in a pussy simultaneously.

From the noises that Munja was making, that moment was not far off. He gave an ear shattering bray and drove forward dragging Radko and Bakonja along the concrete.


‘Drinks are paid for my friends. Drink as much as you like! Ljubica will serve you, and that does not just mean pouring the drinks. She also is free, for any or all of you to enjoy. Unless you wish to, there is no need to use a rubber in her, as she is clean.’


‘He’s just cum in you, hasn’t he, little one?’

Ljubica nodded her head. ‘Da, mama.’

She had no idea why she had called Heidi mama and how the woman would react to it, but the beaming smile suggested she was not mad. It looked as if Heidi did not object to a Little Chetnik Whore as a daughter, and the little whore certainly did not object to a new mama!



Put eight couples from England, Germany, America, and Croatia on the Love Boat in the Adriatic, and what do you get? Sixteen bodies copulating non-stop! Blanche, Klara, Heidi, Lydia, Sally, Peggy Sue, Cvita, Slatka and a little Chetnik Whore compete as Slut of the Seas. Striptease, coerced sex, brothel sex, sex tourism, prostitution, random sex, wife swapping, father-daughter, mother-son, brother-sister incest, horse, donkey & dog sex

eBook TAGS   girl horse sex, girl donkey sex, father daughter incest, prostitute, mother son incest, striptease, girl dog sex, brother sister incest


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