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Family Incest Erotica

Title:  Cotcote Babes Get Laid

Series:  Meet the Slutlets No.4

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  78,000 Words

ISBN:  LC1600129

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3D Ebook Cover - Cotcote Babes Get Laid ~ Meet the Slutlets No.4 ~ by Cindy May

Even When You Lie


She knew where his cock was. Barely an inch separated his cockhead from her portal. He sensed she was afraid, as she must know the risks, but was so far gone that she did not have the willpower to say no. It was looking good. George Morton was not running any serious risks. True, she might have the clap, but that could be cured. Sadly he was HIV positive. He was on medication, which stabilised his condition, but you did not tell a potential fuck partner you had HIV.


She had put some beans and in the microwave and had the toaster going, so went back for the food. She returned with two plates bending over to hand them to the guys, and getting a wolf whistle from one of the guys on the other side of the room. He had been looking at her bum when she bent over. The guy glanced at Billy, ‘Nice cunt mate.’

‘Yeah, she’s a wet little fucker.’

Jacqui flushed but returned to the kitchen for the other two plates. She had to bend over again, picking up another wolf whistle.


Indeed, his sister was wetter than his wife was. To Imran’s mind, the sharmoota not only longed for cock, but desired her brother’s cock inside her. As he drove into Zafira, Imran was amazed. His wife was a dutiful girl and did as he said, and he had three children by her. Even so, she had never been as wet as his sister, even though he was taking her against her will.

‘My brothers, I have lain with my wife Laila many times, but this sharmoota makes a decent woman seem dry. She is absolutely dripping.’

‘It is because she longs for men to fornicate with, brother. You must be strong and take her al-sabi but not give pleasure to this spawn of Satan.’

Imran drove full depth in his sister’s cunt, laughing as she shrieked as his cock head slammed against her cervix. From her cry of pain, it should be unpleasant for her. He pulled back until his cock head almost dropped free and drove back fast and hard to hammer her cervix as painfully as he could. Even Imran grimaced as pains shot through his groin. Zaf screamed.


The horse stepped back, withdrawing all but the flare from the woman. He jostled forward, the patterned cock sliding effortlessly between Zafira’s purple-brown labia. She shrieked, ‘Eeeeoooww!’

To the audience it was thrilling, seeing the vast piebald shaft driving in and out of the woman. Because Zaf was tied to the bench, she could not scoot her body up the bench to lessen the depth of entry, and that helplessness caused every one of the women who could see her ordeal to tremble at the thought of what she must be enduring.

Without exception, they wanted to feel the ultimate fuck of their lives, but they were all terrified at having no say at all about the depth they were taken. What could be more exciting, or place a woman more in the hands of her ‘lover’, than to have no say over how much cock she took, when her lover was as well-endowed as the stallion! It was the ultimate act of surrender, when you offered yourself to a beast to take you as he wished.



Love, Sex and Terror as East and West clash over Honour Killing. Zafira outraged her family and barely escaped a fire bombing with her English boyfriend. Taken in by Tracy and her sister, a plot to kill the Asian girl brings terror to Cotcote. Tracy is in Moscow, and her Lezzy partner Vera dissolves in tears. Prostitution, striptease, girl-horse sex, dogging, father-daughter & brother sister incest, rape, brothel sex

eBook TAGS   girl dog sex, girl horse sex, father daughter incest, prostitute, dubious consent, striptease, forced gangbang, brother sister incest


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