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Bestiality Erotica

Title:  Even When You Lie

Series:  Meet the Slutlets No.3

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  75,300 Words

ISBN:  LC4500108

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3D Ebook Cover - Even When You Lie ~ Meet the Slutlets No.3 ~ by Cindy May

Even When You Lie


He had a suspicion that it was the first time she had sucked cock in her life. Probably she didn’t have a clue what to do, so maybe she needed some instruction.

‘Zafira, flick your tongue round the opening at the tip of my cock.’

She ejected his cock from her mouth and stared at him in shock.

‘Where you pee?’

‘Uhuh, it’s very sensitive there.’

Jerry wondered if she would rebel, but she stuck out her tongue tentatively and did place the tip of right against the slit in the end of his cock. He whispered.

‘That’s a good girl.’

She flicked her tongue backwards and forwards, which was even better. Jerry moaned.

‘God, yeah.’

For the next minute, Zafira worked her tongue back and forth round the meatus or orifice, sending exquisite sensations shooting through Jerry’s groins.

‘God, Zafira, that is out of this world.’


David’s eyes blinked open. He was staring at a strange ceiling. He was not in his bedroom in the bungalow he had bought in Cotcote. He felt a hand stroking his thigh. This was ridiculous, as you always lost a dream no matter how intense when you woke up.

Instinctively he glanced at his groin and his eyes jerked wide open. Real Lin, or maybe Dream Lin, smiled at him.


‘Lin? Is that you?’

The vision who was sucking his cock contemplated that question for a moment or two.

‘Yes, it is definitely me.’

‘What are you doing?’

‘I’m sucking your cock, darling.’


Jacqui shuddered. What if the fucking brute had decided to stick it up her asshole instead of her cunt? That would hurt like hell! She felt George’s hand brushing her flesh as he grasped the canine penis and lined it up with her gaping vulva.

She trembled as the pointed tip of the doggy cock caressed her wet and lipstick-stained cunt lips. Rex, sensing he was in the right place to fuck his bitch, lunged forward, As his cock slammed home all the way to the knot in Jacqui’s slender body, she screamed at the top of her voice. George snarled.

‘Shut up you fool, you’ll upset the dog.’

To her amazement, the dog started hammering in and out of her cunt at an unbelievable speed. It was the first time Jacqui had been impaled on a doggie cock, and she had no idea it would be so fast.


‘Started when I were twelve, so six years like.’

‘Every day?’

‘What do you think?’

‘Well if it’s six years, he must have done you over two thousand times.’

‘I never counted ‘em, but I’ll take your word as maths were never my best subject.’

‘As he’s had you so often, does he still cum in you?’

‘Mate, were I a good fuck for you?’

‘Yeah you were brilliant.’

‘Of course he fucking cums in me.’

‘When you work here, do you have his cum in you when you arrive?’

‘What do you think?’

‘So when I fucked you a few minutes ago?’

‘Yeah, daddy did me before I came to work and he’ll do me when I go home.’

‘So that’s twice a day, so the two thousand could be nearer four thousand?’



Zafira was fat and the office ran a cruel sweepstake on who screwed her at the Xmas Party. Jerry won to his dismay! Unaware of the sordid joke, Zaf did want someone to screw her, but not like that! Linda wanted to marry the boss for his money. Jacqui was a compulsive liar. However the best laid plans can go awry. Gangbangs, striptease, brothel sex, prostitution, water sports, dubious consent, father daughter incest, girl dog and girl-horse sex

eBook TAGS   girl dog sex, girl horse sex, father daughter incest, prostitute, gangbangs, striptease, brothel sex, dubious consent


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