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Incestuous Family Erotica

Title:  The Slutlets Get Mad

Series:  Meet the Slutlets No.2

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  57,300 Words

ISBN:  LC1600128

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3D Ebook Cover - The Slutlets Get Mad ~ Meet the Slutlets No.2 ~ by Cindy May

The Slutlets Get Mad


‘Now then mummy behave yourself. A daughter’s first responsibility when she has a mummy who had a crush on her first boy is to sort her out. That means you need a bath. We wash your hair and get you ready. Don’t argue.’


Their nickname, the slutlets, had stemmed from the time the girls were both expelled from an exclusive girl’s boarding school in the Cotswolds. It had all begun as a silly dare as to which girl could screw the greatest number of members of the academic staff, with a £25 whip round from the rest of the girls for each scalp. Soon there were only two candidates, Tracy and Phoebe, with Tracy narrowly in the lead.


Tracy licked energetically at her friend for a couple of minutes and then broke for air. She glanced up at the Russian girl who was gazing down at her. Vera crouched down and kissed her full on the lips, slurping her own cum from Tracy’s mouth. After several seconds she rocked back on her heels, ‘I’ve never done it with another girl before Tracy. I hope you don’t mind, but I love you for what you did to save papa.’


She slipped the dress off her right shoulder, smiling at Zviad Beridze at the front table. Using her right hand, she eased the dress off her left shoulder, allowing it to fall away from her body. Next to go were her blouse and long under trousers. She popped the buttons on her blouse one by one.

As she did so, Tsinara thought back bitterly to her joy when she heard she had a job in Moscow and that she would be able to help her parents back in Georgia from her wages. She loved the acharuli, but the parody that she was being forced to perform, stripping her clothes off garment by garment, nauseated her.


‘Luda will line Up’rosi’s superb tool with Tsinara’s tight fuck hole and then this shy little girl will have the best fuck of her life.’

He glanced at the two bouncers who were standing each side of the stallion.

‘Boys, make sure Up’rosi does not go too deep in her.’

He explained to the crowd, ‘Our stallion has over 50cm of cock, and if he puts the whole length in sweet little Tsinara, she will do a blow job as well as fuck him at the same time, and it could be a bit painful for her.’


Although Allan knew how wet Abby was, he was astonished to find that his daughter was seemingly even more fluid. She was almost too wet, as it was hard to get the friction with which to trigger his climax. Tracy slammed herself down as hard as she could, squashing her crotch against Allan’s groin. The slaps of flesh on flesh, the squelching noises of a wet cunt being reamed out, and the pitch dark made the encounter even more erotic than would otherwise have been the case. Tracy could feel her own juices pouring out of her and running down daddy’s shaft, but she could also feel him growing.

Suddenly he grasped her thighs firmly and started slamming her up and down forcefully. She realised that Allan was almost ready to cum, and it drove her over the top into a screaming juddering climax.



Ditzy blonde Abby Conroy, is now CEO of the Conroy Trust, a refuge for prostitutes in Moscow. A bomb explodes at the Refuge, and the mafia kidnaps Abby. Her ‘slutlet’ daughter Tracy, who prefers cocks to guns, gets mad and takes them on, but has time for a lezzy girlfriend as well! Gangbangs, coerced sex, dubious consent, father daughter & brother sister incest, prostitute, striptease, girl dog & girl horse sex

eBook TAGS    girl dog sex, girl horse sex, father daughter incest, prostitute, dubious consent, striptease, forced gangbang, brother sister incest


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