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Incestuous Family Erotica

Title:  Three Brides and one Guy

Series:  Meet the Slutlets No.1

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  92,700 Words

ISBN:  LC1600127

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3D Ebook Cover - Three Brides and one Guy ~ Meet the Slutlets No.1 ~ by Cindy May

Three Brides and one Guy


For Tarasov, any secretary was ‘Biz Complexov’, without complexes. In other words, sex with her boss was compulsory.


Natasha gave a winning smile to the guard and stood so he could look down her cleavage, ‘Prevyet, our papa is a driver. Mama sent us with food for him. Let us in please.’

‘What’s the licence number of his lorry.’

Natasha shrugged her shoulders, letting the guard see her young tits wobbling, ‘Mama knows. She usually comes here, but she forgot to tell me.’

‘No papers, and if you don’t know the truck, I can’t let you in, Devochka - Girl.

Natasha put her hand on the guards arm.

‘Da, Da, of course you can, and we’ll be so grateful. Won’t we girls?’


‘Madam. They are my friends. Their parents were brutally murdered in Chechnya recently. There but for the grace of God go any of us. I am glad we do not face such horrors in England. Whether they are wearing panties or not, I said I would look after them.’

The woman glowered at him. Tanya, realising her beloved Allan was under attack, responded in her fractured English.

‘He is good man, I was engaged to him, but I am a big fool and break it off, and he go to England. Then these terrible things happen. Our papa was thrown off balcony. It was nine stories up. Mama was rapеd and tortured to death. Allan wants to look after me and my sisters, even after I had told him we are finished. If your man is as good to you, you are lucky lady. Maybe if you that lucky, you would be glad not to wear no panties for such a man.’


Abby whispered, ‘I want it.’

Allan knelt before her, and eased his cock into his sister’s cunt. She felt the resistance of her hymen to the intruding cock. He drew back before thrusting forward with all his strength. She felt her maidenhead resist for a moment and then surrender, and in that instant, she felt Allan’s cock plunge deep into her pussy. It was the first time she had been taken by a man.

‘I loved it too Abby, but we shouldn’t. The law says that …’

‘Allan if someone wants to go to bed with a law textbook, then that’s fine by me. I wanted to go to bed with my brother. Adam and Eve did it, and I wanted to, and it’s a hell of a sight better that cuddling up with a law textbook.’


Abby picked up the test kit, and walked to her mother’s bedroom.

‘Mummy, can I speak to you?’

‘Of course dear. Sit down. What is it?’

Abby held out the test kit, ‘This, Mummy.’

Lady Hazel Conroy looked at the test kit. With more calmness that she felt, she said to the 18-year-old girl, ‘You’re going to have a baby, Abby?’

‘Yes. Mummy.’

‘Is that what you want?’

‘Yes Mummy.’


Tracy giggled and asked.

‘Rik, you just did a photo shoot on Auntie Sveta, and she shed all her kit.’

‘Yeah, we did.’

‘Do you want to do a photo shoot of Phoebe, me and Mum some time?’

‘It would be a sensation.’

Tracy looked across to her sister.

‘Yippee. Hear that Phoebs?’

Phoebe, riding up and down on her father’s cock grunted.


A moment later she screamed as Allan fired his cum deep in her cunt.



Russian girls Tanya, Olga and Natasha flee from Grozny after Chechens killed their parents. The shy Tanya is reunited with her English boyfriend Allan Conroy who gets the three girls to England, but Allan already has two children by his ditzy sister! Scheming Russian lawyer Sveta joins the ménage. Years later, Sveta is Lady Conroy. Brother-sister & father-daughter incest, girl dog sex, dubious consent, striptease, teen prostitute, gangbangs.

eBook TAGS    girl dog sex, dubious consent, father daughter incest, prostitute, blackmail sex, striptease, forced gangbang, brother sister incest


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