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Bestiality Erotica

Title:  Whore of Dublin

Series:  Dublin's Fair Trollops No.5

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  88,000 Words

ISBN:  LC4500107

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Whore of Dublin ~ Dublin's Fair Trollops No.5 ~ by Cindy May

Whore of Dublin


From the pictures Mary had seen of totem poles, they had beaks and claws and no sane girl could want something like that sliding in and out of her tender cunt flesh. Daddy’s cock thankfully did not have any beaks or claws, and was more like a banana. Mary decided it was her favourite banana. If she was not going to eat it, she certainly intended to lick it!

She extended her tongue and touched the opening in the end of daddy’s foreskin. There was a flavour of piss, but what was a little piss between father and daughter. So far as she was concerned, daddy could empty the contents of his bladder in her belly and there would be not a word of protest.


A friend of Aileen’s was from the American deep south. She had a phrase Aileen found hilarious. If there was something she disliked intensely, she would say she would rather kiss herself the south end of a northgoin’ skunk! Aileen would rather do the same. It would be a pleasure to tell Grant she would rather have anal sex with a skunk, northgoing or southgoing, than with him, or the master. It was nice to dream, but it could only be a dream. Even so, the skunk was a nice thought. She wondered what it would be like to fuck a skunk?

Grant, by contrast, was clearly enjoying it. He grunted.

‘I’m close sir. Is it in order to cum in the lady?’


He too was breathing hoarsely. Maire was whimpering as she did her canine ATOGM act, and Mary was gasping, making little mewing sounds as if she were a kitten in heat. Mike O’Byrne looked at the incredible foursome, writhing on the floor of his father-in-law’s home in Ballymuck.

‘Tis out of this world. Tis truly out of this world!’

As Mary wriggled and squirmed on Cúchie’s cock, as the hound emptied his massive balls in her rectum, Dennis grasped his daughter’s head firmly. He squashed her face hard against his groin. As he did so, Deirdre Carrigan asked her husband shrewdly.

‘Is that it, Dennis? Has she got you to boil over?’

‘To be sure she has that, and I think Cúchie is attending to one end as I am to the other end.’


Mike O’Byrne stared at the fantastic sight in disbelief. Bridie, when he had first met her had been timid and shy, unlike her younger sister, who was a real little raver. In fact, Mike had fucked Mary on his wedding day, with the unfortunate consequence that she needed an urgent visit to England!

Mary was having sex with a dog, which was one of society’s taboos. Not only was she having sex, but she was having anal sex with a dog, which was a double taboo! Whilst a dog was bringing the randy woman off with what he was doing up her ass, her own father had his cock in her mouth. That was incest, so was taboo number three!

To achieve three taboos simultaneously was something a woman rarely managed.


‘Jaysis,’ she chortled, ‘I wouldn’t have missed that for a million euros. It was a classic. Whether I like to admit it or not, that girl could earn a fortune at a porn studio any day of the week, and a double fortune on a Sunday.’



Maeve meets an unexpected punter! Aileen and the girls run pussies-at-sea cruises with raunchy sex forfeits to survive. Is Fio doomed to a loveless marriage? What of new mum Deirdre and the pregnant Clodagh? Striptease, prostitution, lezzie sex, rimming, golden showers, gangbangs, dubious consent, romance, swapping, random sex, impregnation games, mother-in-law incest, father daughter incest, girl dog anal sex & girl horse sex

eBook TAGS    girl dog sex, girl horse sex, father daughter incest, prostitute, gangbangs, striptease, watersports, dubious consent


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