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Bestiality Erotica

Title:  The Working Irish Pussy

Series:  Dublin's Fair Trollops No.4

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  96,100 Words

ISBN:  LC4500106

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The Working Irish Pussy ~ Dublin's Fair Trollops No.4 ~ by Cindy May

The Working Irish Pussy


No man had a cock as big as Steady Aim. Each time her body drove down the harness as the horse trotted around the farmyard, his flare crashed against her cervix with all the weight of her body. It had to be the ultimate fuck! Although Lailai was unaware she had been drugged, her inhibitions had been shot by the spiked drink. Because of that, she had never been scared of fucking the stallion, but the initial pain had been horrific.

Now, she had adjusted to the massive penis inside her, and she wanted what every woman wants when she is being fucked. She wanted to feel her lover ejaculating inside her. Lailai wanted to be inseminated by the horse! She babbled, ‘Yes, boy, cum inside me. Empty those wonderful big balls in me.’

The spectators must have heard her cry out, as there was applause. Far from being reluctant, this tiny woman was now begging for the ultimate sexual experience, as a horse emptied his massive balls inside her cunt!


They had only been able to imagine it before. Now they could see the black beads scraping across her sodden cleft which was far more explicit than mere imagination. There was not a woman in the room who would not have changed places with Fio at that moment.

Fio shuffled towards her father. When she was a couple of feet from him, her mother moved forward, reducing the tension on the lash. Padraig turned the hard black handle of the whip, so the rounded end was pointing towards his daughter. Fio put her hands to her labia, dragging them apart. Padraig touched the domed end of the handle, which was the size of a cock head, against the wet cleft between his daughter’s leg.

She moaned softly as the leather parted her cunt lips, as Padraig slowly inserted the handle of the whip into his daughter’s slippery cunt. Only Fio knew their colour had been heightened by make-up. Fio took Padraig’s cock in her right hand and fed it between her lips. She had blown daddy many times, and drooled saliva on the head of his cock. She bobbed her head forward, flicking her tongue over the slit in the end of his glans.


Aileen placed her hand on the back of her daughter’s neck.

‘Take daddy’s cock all the way into your mouth, Fio.’

To emphasise the message, Aileen pressed her daughter’s head further on to Padraig’s cock, so Fio took her father’s cock full depth in her mouth.


Fio slid her coat off her shoulders. She was no longer wearing her ringmaster outfit. Instead, she was naked. She sat next to him. As Patrick looked at her, she flushed. Fio spoke shakily.

‘Err, I looked a complete slut, didn’t I, Uncle Patrick?’

‘No you looked like a princess, Fio.’

Fio shook her head.

‘I came into the world naked, uncle, so there’s nothing wrong in nakedness. I want you to take me to bed, uncle, but I didn’t want to ask you to take me to bed when I was dressed like a whore. You deserve better than a slut in your bed. If I’m naked, like I was the day I was born, I hope you’ll feel I’m decent enough to fuck, and not just a slut. Please?’



Teen nympho Fio starts an affair in Dublin, whilst Maeve flees from the sinister gang who held her as a sex slave to find sanctuary with a former client. Clodagh and her adopted ‘mum’ Deirdre have their babies, causing outrage in provincial Ballymuck. Striptease, prostitution, golden showers, dubious consent, drugged sex, gangbangs, swapping, random sex, breeding, pregnant sex, father daughter incest, girl dog, girl donkey & girl horse sex

eBook TAGS    girl horse sex, girl donkey sex, girl dog sex, prostitute, dubious consent, striptease, public sex, father daughter incest


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Relative Taboo

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