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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  The Reluctant Irish Pussy

Series:  Dublin's Fair Trollops No.2

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  97,800 Words

ISBN:  LC1100316

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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Dublin's Fair Trollops ~ Dublin's Fair Trollops No.1 ~ by Cindy May

The Reluctant Irish Pussy


From the semen and pussy juices dripping from Mary’s cleft, Lailani knew she had brought Mary to a juddering climax. As she stood up, Mary put her arms round the former Filipina bar girl. Mary bent towards Lailani, kissing her cum smeared cheeks before driving her tongue into the Asian girl’s mouth. The women French kissed one another passionately.

As they kissed, Mary tasted the semen pumped into her by her husband, Lambrakis, Hogan and Geraghty. It was hot to taste semen that had been in her cunt in another woman’s mouth! It was the first time Mary, or in reality Maeve, had enjoyed the taste of adulterous semen! As she wondered why, she decided it was because of Lailani, who was sweet, rather than any sudden affection for the men who fucked her.


When Bridie had left Padraig’s, she had not been wearing panties or a skirt, so her crotch was on full show, with her cleft dripping semen from the men who had fucked her. Her mother looked at her approvingly. ‘I had been going to say you had better get undressed young lady for your daddy to fuck you, but I think you’ll be a better fuck for him in that outfit than clothed.’

‘Why do you think I wore it, mummy?’

‘Your daddy and I reared a real little whore didn’t we, darling?’

‘Yes mummy, but I take after you, don’t I? Nine men already this weekend!’

‘Yes darling. Now do you want to take turns in getting daddy hard, or are you going to leave it all to me?’

‘Shure, we take turns!’

Deirdre held her husband’s cock up as her daughter bobbed her head back and forth on her father’s cock, Deirdre put her hand to the back of her head. She pushed forward, so the whole of Dennis’ cock slid between their daughter’s lips.


Deirdre bobbed her head up and down the massive cylinder of black flesh, and wondered why a ‘nice’ white girl was not supposed to suck or fuck a black man? If you cut someone who was black, white or yellow, the blood was the same colour, and it would hurt as much.

What was the difference? Just like the ‘forsaking all others’ lunacy, it was more rubbish. As she worked this out, Deirdre redoubled her efforts, as she knew she had been lukewarm when she had first started sucking the guy. She felt ashamed.


Mary could only drink at the speed a woman drinks fluid, not at the speed the horse came in her mouth. As she could not swallow fast enough, the fluid built up in her mouth. Her cheeks bulged. Horse semen sprayed out of her nose, but the fluid kept coming! As Steady Aim keep firing, semen gushed between the walls of the stallion’s cock and her mouth. A moment later as the pressure mounted, the horse cock was blasted out of her mouth. Semen poured over her lip, but Steady Aim was still cumming! A torrent of horse semen erupted from the wildly swaying flare

Mary was drenched in cum. Her hair, her face, her breasts and her crotch were coated in horse semen. A whore who had taken part in a Japanese bukakke record would not look like it after forty or fifty men had ejaculated over her.



Irish girl Bridie draws her daddy into incest and mummy Deirdre into wife swapping. Deirdre returns to Ballymuck wanting non-stop sex. Maeve, the PA to a Dublin news editor, is blackmailed into sex by her boss, and becomes a bareback escort. In Ballymuck, calamity threatens Deirdre and the sexy Docherty twins, Clodagh and Maire. Striptease, prostitution, dubious consent, swapping, dogging, father daughter incest, girl dog & girl horse sex

eBook TAGS    girl horse sex, dubious consent, girl dog sex, prostitute, blackmail sex, striptease, forced gangbang, father daughter incest


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Relative Taboo

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