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Family Incest Erotica

Title:  Dublin's Fair Trollops

Series:  Dublin's Fair Trollops No.1

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  76,800 Words

ISBN:  LC1600126

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Dublin's Fair Trollops ~ Dublin's Fair Trollops No.1 ~ by Cindy May

Dublin's Fair Trollops


Convent girls absorbed all the prejudices that were thrown at them, or rebelled, the rebels becoming the biggest sluts in Ireland. Most accepted all they had been taught. They abhorred sex, and were often frigid, as Bridie had been. She would have had the words of the Douay-Rheims bible drummed into her until they were branded on her psyche.

‘The woman that shall lie under any beast, shall be killed together with the same: their blood be upon them.’

If a good Catholic’s wife or daughter, or any woman, was fucking a beast, his biblical duty was to kill her and the animal. He escaped all blame for such an act; blame rested on the girl and the beast! Thankfully, the law rejected such barbarism, but that is what the church taught, even though a Catholic who met his Holy duty would go to jail! As he watched her pleasure as the dog slurping at her wet cunt, Mike realised the effect the medication was having on his wife!

Despite years of brain-washing to abhor animal sex, she was moving her crotch rhythmically back and forth. It looked as if she was desperate to enjoy the forbidden act even more! As far as Mike could see, the way the dog dragged his massive tongue across Bridie’s delicate labia was making her judder with excitement.


Molly frantically ran her hands the length of his shaft. After a minute, Manannan neighed and jostled forward. As he did so, horse semen erupted from his flare. In under a second, her mouth was full, but the stallion had not finished. She swallowed desperately, but a woman’s oesophagus cannot deal with so much fluid instantaneously.

As fluid is virtually incompressible, and her mouth was full, the pressure built up, causing her cheeks to bulge. That offered a negligible relief. The horse penis was blasted out of her mouth by the torrent of fluid. Instead of having semen jetting into her mouth, the jerking horse cock deluged her hair, her face, her bosom, her belly and her crotch with semen.


People see striptease as sordid, and characterise a girl who strips as rubbish. The last few moments with Padraig had been tender and precious to Bridie. She looked around and walked over to Sean Devlin. Sean had seen how sexy it had been with Padraig. He too caressed Bridie, but instead of concentrating on her shoulders, he cupped both boobs in his hands and rolled them gently. He kissed her on the shoulder, and unfastened the second hook.


‘And you like my outfit, mummy?’

‘Yes dear.’

‘Even though my tits and cunt are on show?’

‘Even though your tits and cunt are on show. You look very nice dear.’



Despite her lament about bikes coming before girls, Aileen enjoyed it as she sat astride Padraig’s Norton Commander, or his father’s Norton Manx! She went on.

‘If you can’t beat ‘em, the only thing you can do, Fio, is to join ‘em. If you think about it, a woman was designed to have something that vibrates between her legs!’

‘Preferably something that fits inside her, mam. Even you couldn’t get something that big up you!'



Irish girls Molly, Aileen and Kathleen enjoy wife swap fun in Dublin. Repressed as a child, Bridie is too shy to join in, till a wife swap cruise in the Adriatic. A sail to see motorbike racing in the Isle of Man includes fun with bikers and horse riding, and Molly is the one to be ridden! Striptease, prostitution, swapping, gangbangs, father daughter incest, sister-in-law sex, girl dog, girl donkey, girl horse & object sex

eBook TAGS    girl dog sex, girl horse sex, girl donkey sex, prostitute, family incest, striptease, biker gang sex, father daughter incest


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