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Bestiality Erotica

Title:  By the Way, I'm Pregnant

Series:  Blackmail Beauties No.4

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  64,600 Words

ISBN:  LC1100315

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By the Way, I'm Pregnant ~ Blackmail Beauties No.4 ~ by Cindy May

By the Way, I'm Pregnant


'Rod, the three of us are getting married. If you and Cathy went to the Registry office and pretended to be single it would be bigamy, so I act as officiant. That means it’s more formal than Adam and Eve, or Lot and his daughters. If Society dislikes it, frankly I couldn’t give a damn.’

As Cathy had sat listening to her sister talking forcefully and tossing her flaming red hair, she knew she would never have had the nerve to say anything like that. She had always been the leader when they were kids and wondered how that could have been?


Warm sticky horse cum erupted from his slit, which was almost touching the opening to her throat. For perhaps a second her oesophagus accept the deluge of horse semen, but a horse can ejaculate 250 ml of semen or half a pint in well under a minute. There was no way Babs could swallow semen at that rate. With her mouth virtually filled by the flare, there was no space to hold the semen whilst she got rid of what was in her oesophagus.

As semen started to invade her windpipe, that automatically shut down and she coughed violently to expel what had got in. Semen was blasting through her nasal passages to spray from her nose. With her violent cough, and the pressure of the fluid jetting into such a confined space, the horse cock was blasted out of her mouth.

To the obvious delight of the audience, from their raunchy comments, the wildly swaying cock was still blasting cum as it was forced out of Babs’ mouth. It drenched her hair, her forehead, her face and her shoulders in a bath of horse semen.  

Babs was retching cum out of her mouth and much of it was channelled between her boobs and across her Mons to her slit. As mummy was lying on her back lapping Babs’ cunt lips, Marion’s face was drenched in semen in much the same way as her daughter’s was.


As Alice thought how wonderful speed was, she glanced at her sister. Rover was hammering in and out at breakneck speed, slamming the shorthaired muscular torso of a Great Dane against his human bitch.

Lydia was bucking her hips back to increase the intensity of their fuck, but there was no way she match the speed of her canine partner. Alice could see that Lydia’s legs were starting to tremble and recognised the signs. Lydia was nearing a climax.

She was tossing her head from side to side and the lust filled expression on her face told Alice that raw desire to copulate with the dog was consuming her sister.

‘Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!’

Lydia was babbling her desires as Rover hammered in and out. To her surprise Alice realised her legs were trembling too as James was doing his magic on her! She was bucking her hips back to intensity the shock of their coupling. She gasped her own lust.

‘Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!’

Crude primitive desire had enveloped both sisters. They were bitches being mounted by their mates. It did not signify that one mate was human and one was a dog. It was raw copulation, and because it was so basic, Alice realised she was in competition with her



“The Hotbox”, Cathy Groves, marries her childhood sweetheart. Her twin sister Babs, “The Icebox”, is Registrar! Cathy suspects Babs is being blackmailed, but what can she do? Prim Auntie Alice shocks everyone. For Anthea, it gets worse as she learns what her hypocrite husband is up to. Father-daughter incest, breeding, blackmail, prostitution, gangbangs, striptease, romance, pregnancy, girl horse, girl dog and girl donkey sex.

eBook TAGS    girl dog sex, girl horse sex, girl donkey sex,  prostitute, blackmail sex, striptease, father daughter incest, coerced sex


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