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Bestiality Erotica

Title:  The Icebox Meets the Stallion

Series:  Blackmail Beauties No.3

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  78,800 Words

ISBN:  LC4500105

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3D Ebook Cover - The Icebox Meets the Stallion ~ Blackmail Beauties No.3 ~ by Cindy May

The Icebox Meets the Stallion


As the bull crashed against the gate, there was an enraged bellow from behind them, but it was a human bellow not a bovine one. ‘What the hell do you think you stupid bastards are doing?’ As Blanche turned, a man in Wellingtons, heavy jeans and a check shirt ran up. He was panting heavily. He glared at her.

‘I saw you two fucking in the field. It’s a public footpath, not a bloody knocking shop for some slut to get laid on. The bull had picked up your scent. Mostly they go by sight, but they can smell too, and the scent you put out is sufficiently like a cow in heat that he thinks he’s up for a fuck.’

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t..’

‘Sorry, you stupid fucking bitch! If he’d have got through that gate, the first thing he would have done was to spread your bloody boyfriend over the road. Then he’d have fucked you, and do you have any idea what he weighs?’


‘She’s hardly stopped talking about his cock ever since we said bye bye to him.’

‘Shut up the lot of you.’

Blanche stamped her foot in frustration. Lydia spoke soothingly, ‘Poor darling! We’ll have to see if Daddy’s cock and Nat’s cocks are enough to keep you happy.’

Blanche Elizabeth Holland stalked into the house, accompanied by her parents and her fiancé.

However much fun they might be getting out of the incident, it was bloody embarrassing.


Daddy groaned. Blanche grasped his cock with her cunt muscles, praying this was it. She felt daddy’s cock pulsing in her. She gripped his shaft with her uterine muscles to milk his semen and felt four waves ripple the length of his shaft, bathing the insides of her cunt with her father’s semen.

The law said it was incest and daddy could go to jail, but that was crap. She was 21. She was a consenting adult, and could fuck any cock she wanted if the owner of the cock was willing. The only justification for the incest gibberish in such a situation was if the woman conceived. Blanche was on the pill, so that fragile prop to a mad and vicious law was undermined. In Belgium, in Russia and some other countries, the incest drivel did not exist, and England needed to get real.


As Blanche had only one skirt with her, she had to wear it when Auntie Alice arrived. It was so short that it attracted disapproving frowns from her straight-laced auntie. As Blanche sat on the sofa with Nathan’s arm cupping her it, she was facing the dog basket.

The dog studied her legs, and if a dog could have an ‘I fancy her’ expression, Rover did. Blanche smiled at the dog and his tongue lolled out of his mouth as if to say, ‘you look good babe.’ After her bizarre fuck in a field with a bull wanting to join in, but kept away by the hedge, and her ‘ten-ten-ten’ fun with daddy and Nat, Blanche was randy.

She parted her legs, so her skirt rose up her hips, exposing her cunt to everyone in the room, including Rover. There was no way a dog would be turned on if she ‘flaunted it’, but having ‘flaunted it’ to a bull, why not? Nat gasped

‘Christ! She can even give a hard-on to a bloody dog!'



Innocent redhead Cathy Groves was called the Hotbox at school, whilst twin sister Babs was the Icebox. Happily married to Rod, Babs hopes for a baby. Mummy Marion’s sexy antics put her in the grip of a blackmailer, whilst Anthea has a devastating shock! Soon the Icebox is a bigger slut than her sister, but can she escape the trap? Incest, blackmail, prostitution, Lezzie fun, gangbangs, striptease, romance, girl horse, girl dog and girl donkey sex

eBook TAGS    girl dog sex, girl horse sex, girl donkey sex,  prostitute, blackmail sex, striptease, father daughter incest, coerced sex


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