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Bestiality Erotica

Title:  Blackmail Beauty, Incest Cutie

Series:  Blackmail Beauties No.2

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  63,200 Words

ISBN:  LC1100314

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Blackmail Beauty, Incest Cutie ~ Blackmail Beauties No.2 ~  by Cindy May

Blackmail Beauty, Incest Cutie


Max must have grabbed the dog’s cock, as the pointed head touched her reddened cunt lips and drove straight into Anthea. It was a moment she dreaded and longed for. To be fucked by a dog was degrading, but her cunt said it was wonderful, as she was impaled on six inches of rock hard cock.

To any girl, the first sensation after penetration is how hot the dog cock is, and next, the speed at which your canine lover fucks you. Rex started slamming in and out of Anthea at a speed no human lover could match. Many women drool at the thought of big cocks, but a fast cock is just as good, maybe better, but no man could match Rex’s speed, even for a few seconds, let alone for a sustained period.

Rex was no longer a dog. Anthea was no longer a woman. They were a male and a female copulating in the most basic way imaginable. Anthea slammed her bum against Rex’s cock, although there was no way she could hope to match the speed or ferocity of his thrusts.


As the 737 climbed to cruising altitude, Blanche was increasingly noisy, but her mother Lydia doubted if fear of flying was to blame. A reassuring voice cut in.

‘Now then Blanche, there’s nothing to be afraid of. You can feel the thrust from the engines as we go deeper and deeper into the wild blue yonder.’

Blanch could feel the thrust, but it was not of the twin Pratt & Whitney CFM56 turbofan jet engines in the wild blue. Instead it was the thrust from two of daddy’s fingers, which were creating havoc with her senses, and causing her cunt to flood with juice.


One of the drawbacks of the mile high club is that a fuck has to be fast, as other people may wish to use the loo for less enjoyable activities. Blanche stood up and smoothed her skirt down. Daddy stood up, grabbed some loo paper to wipe his sodden cock and pulled his trousers up again. He opened the loo door and stepped out. A man was standing there. As he saw a young woman in the loo as well, his mouth dropped open. .. Shaking his head in disbelief, Tommy returned to his seat. As Nat sat on the loo seat with his pants round his ankle, he looked at Blanche quizzically.

‘Yes, he did fuck me, Nat. It was fun getting a new cock up me so soon after Daddy did me.’

‘Are you a-fixing to go for the mile high fucking record, sweetiepie?’


‘Mummy, am I seeing things, or is there really a Saucy French Maid’s convention going on?’

Lynda Holland shook her head. ‘It beats me babe.’

At that moment, life became even more bizarre as one of the prettiest girls climbed into the fountain, and walked across to where the water was splashing down. She was soaking wet in an instant, but several of the other girls cheered and followed suit, some getting soaked from head to toe, others simply wading in the fountain.


The two women were facing one another and Katya took a deep breath and dipped her head below the waters. As Blanche looked down she saw Katya press her lips against her crotch and give her a naughty underwater kiss. She surfaced breathing deeply.



Blanche Holland’s incestuous relationship with her father deepens as the family holidays in the former Soviet Union where Incest is not a crime! Katya, a lovely Russian teen, joins them. Anthea lurches deeper into blackmail, and a horse joins her canine lovers. Marion’s married daughter receives a shocking letter. Blackmail, prostitution, lesbianism, exhibitionism, gangbangs, mile high sex, striptease, doggie and horse sex, incest, romance.

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