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Bestiality Erotica

Title:  Blanche Does Daddy

Series:  Blackmail Beauties No.1

Author: Cindy May

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Cindy May

Language: English

Length:  86,300 Words

ISBN:  LC1100313

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3D Ebook Cover - Blanche Does Daddy ~ Blackmail Beauties No.1 ~  by Cindy May

Blanche Does Daddy


She felt Rex jabbing at her bum cheeks, but the Great Dane did not seem to know precisely where to aim for. She heard Max speak, ‘I’ll help you boy!’

A moment later Rex’s pointed cock touched her reddened gash and slammed into her sodden cunt. Instead of being the most disgusting moment in her life, it was an explosion of raw desire. Her cunt told her mind it was wonderful. The beast had no love for her. It was just the unrestrained lust of a dog fucking his bitch as hard as possible. As she slammed her bum back on to his cock, she was nothing more than a dog’s bitch, mating out of lust with a superbly equipped male whose tool was slamming deeply into her, as his paws dug into her waist.


‘There’s a bitch Labrador in the block of flats. My neighbour likes to see her getting mounted, and I took Rex round to her flat so he could fuck the shit out of Briar, which is why I was late getting here. The last cunt he was in before he started fucking you belonged to a bitch Labrador, and Stella tries to make sure that Briar gets fucked by at least two or three different dogs each day. As you can imagine, dogs don’t wash their cocks or cunts after they fuck, so Rex still had her cunt juices on his cock when he took you, and maybe even some cum from the other dogs that had fucked Briar. I’m taking him back to Stella’s flat with his cock covered in your cunt juices, and he’s gonna fuck Stella. Does that sound good?’

‘Yeah, Ohh God he just came again!’

However bizarre it was, in her lust-crazed mind it sounded wonderful that her mate had recently fucked a bitch Labrador, and would shortly be fucking the Labrador’s owner. As Max spoke to her, the insane hammering in her cunt ended.


With her hole slackened by the fucking from the beast, and relaxed due to the position she was in, the knot went into her like a hot knife through butter. Anthea shrieked in pain as the massive object wrenched her cunt lips far apart. Surely she was being torn apart by the beast, her most private and sensitive organs being destroyed for a pervert’s pleasure. Rank terror gripped her!


Lydia Holland spoke softly.

‘James. She wants it. As she told you, she’s not a child, and she could fuck any man under the sun, bar you, and the State would say so what? She could fuck a hundred men in a gangbang, and that would be OK. She could have Lezzie sex. She’s on the pill, so the only justification for the incest rubbish went out the window, but the people who used to burn witches or slaughter homosexuals or torment mixed race couples have managed to hang on to a few targets to vent their hatred on. Fuck her because she wants it.’

As Lydia finished speaking, Blanche spoke in a tremulous voice.

‘Mummy put it a lot better than I could daddy. Please do me. Please.’

As he listened to his wife and the impassioned plea from his daughter, James Holland decided that common sense and care to meet the wishes and indeed needs of a loved one came ahead of the rabid nonsense of the witch burners



Did she or didn’t she? Blanche Holland and her dad James are at a dark room party where he has fantastic sex. Was it with his daughter? Soon, her mother, Lydia, is a swinger! Max blackmails Marion Groves and MILF Anthea, the wife of a born-again Christian into forced sex and prostitution to be the first Blackmail Beauties. Prostitution, lesbianism, gangbangs, rimming, striptease, girl dog and girl horse sex, father-daughter incest, romance

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eBook TAGS    girl dog sex, girl horse sex, father daughter incest,  prostitute, blackmail sex, striptease, forced gangbang, coerced sex

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