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Vintage Bestiality Erotica

Title:  The Wife Loves Dogs

Series:  LB-1123 Liverpool Library 1984

Author: David Crane

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  32,297 Words

ISBN:  LC4500104

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3D Ebook Cover - The Wife Loves Dogs ~ LB-1123 Liverpool Library 1984 ~ by David Crane

The Wife Loves Dogs


“C'mon, boy,” she urged him. “Jump up here, Rex. It's time to go fuckies!”

Rex whined, whipping his tongue into her crotch. His hairy haunches sank down and tensed as the powerful brute prepared to spring. His whole big body quivered and trembled. The aromatic scent of her pussy shot from his nose down to his loins and his huge cock began to vibrate and thunder. The slick red knob flared out, glistening with Catherine's saliva, red hot and rock-hard.

The dog yelped and bounded up, mounting the woman's ass. His forepaws clamped tightly around the handles of her hipbones and he clung to her, his haunches churning and his bushy tail lashing, mounted on her ass like a gargoyle on a flying buttress. His weight pushed her ass down under him. Rex humped, but missed the target in his impatience. His fat red cockhead rebounded from the back of her thigh. He heaved in again, and his prick slid up the crack of her ass. Catherine grinned, thinking that it might be fun to let the Alsatian bugger her up the shit hole sometime—but not right now.

Her pussy was steaming for prick, and her asshole would just have to wait its turn.

She reached back between her thighs and folded her fist around the hilt of the dog's hard cock. Rex whimpered and held steady, realizing that assistance was at hand. Catherine guided the tip of his cock into her crotch. She tilted her wrist up and down, running his cockhead up through her open cunt slot, using his prick like a meaty ladle to stir her creamy bowl.

His stalk throbbed in her hand and his cockhead flared mightily in her pussy slot, sliding between her open cuntlips. She brushed his prick-knob against her clit and moaned at the sensation. Rex was panting over her back, slobbering onto her ass, his whole body quivering in readiness. Catherine slowly fit his naked cock-knob into her pussy slot, then slid her hand down and cupped his scumbags.

With the tip of his prick embedded, Rex knew exactly what to do. He tensed, then humped, fucking every inch of his long, thick cock up Catherine's fuckhole.

“Oh!” she squealed, as she felt her cunt fill up with doggy cock for the first time ever—and found that it was even more thrilling than she had expected.



What should Mom do if her son walks in on her to catch her in the act of sucking the family dogs cock? Should she deny everything? Should Mom offer to suck her son's dick? This story of sex with dogs presents several dilemmas that confront all of us, in one form or another. What would you do if you caught your own mom fucking the family dog; how far would you get away with taking things?

eBook TAGS    Dog Bestiality, Canine bestiality Erotica, Doggy Sex, Beastiality, Beastiality Erotica, Zoophilia, Sex With Animals, Breeding, Human Animal Sex, Forbidden XXX Erotica, 1970's Pulp Fiction


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The Original 1984 Cover