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Mother Son Incest Erotica

Title:  Consanguinamorous: A Mother's Love

Series:  N/A

Author: Stephanie Gwladferth

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher: Stephanie Gwladferth at Lotís Cave

Language: English

Length:  18,451 Words

ISBN:  LC1000243

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3D Ebook Cover - A Mother's Love ~ Consanguinamorous ~ by Stephanie Gwladferth

A Mother's Love


Itís hard to explain exactly how incredibly wonderful sex with my son is. Or why.

Firstly thereís the taboo nature of what weíre doing. When he sucks on my breasts, I recall him doing the same thing 21 years ago as a baby. When he thrusts his cock into my cunt, I recall that itís the same cunt he came out of 21 years ago. And when he shoots his spunk into my womb, I recall that its the same womb I carried him in for nine months. These were, initially, a turn on because of their forbidden nature. As our relationship has gone on, however, theyíve become more reminders of the depth of our love. I carried him in my womb for nine months, I gave birth to him, I nursed him and now Iím making love to him. All of those things were, and are, acts of love, done from love, for love and with love. This love goes back over twenty years, which is more than any other relationship Iíve ever had. And I love him just as much now as I did then.

People who have been in love will know that the sex is better. And if youíre a mother and youíre honest, youíll know that thereís no man you love more than your son. And this isnít just quantitative. I love my son more deeply and more passionately than any man that has ever been in my life. Itís on a completely different level (and so is the sex). I loved him before, of course, all mothers love their sons. But loving him romantically has intensified that, as the maternal love has also intensified the romantic love. Itís hard to explain. In the end, love is love and I love him twice over. And he me.

I care about him and he me. I get nearly as much pleasure from knowing that Iíve pleased him as I do from him pleasing me. I can have an orgasm when he comes in my mouth at the end of a blow job because Iíve done that to him, Iíve made my darling boy comeÖ This has led to us becoming more sexually adventurous because I want to please him and also because I trust him completely. None of this has ever been true of anyone else.

On top of all those, Iím convinced that our shared genes make us more sexually compatible. It makes sense, though Iím no geneticist.

All of this adds up to something wonderful and magnificent, something indescribably beautiful. I canít easily put it into words, youíd have to experience it for yourself. And perhaps this is the real reason for the incest taboo Ė Iíve never considered sex with anyone else since I started making love to my son. I honestly believe that every mother would feel the same if they tried it. Heís ruined me for other men. And I couldnít be happier.



A Love story. Julie is in love with a younger man. Her life is complete, she feels so much happier and so does he. There's only one problem: He's her son. A tale of Forbidden Love, its nature and its consequences when this love clashes with the real world. And an examination of the arguments and morality used to justify the consequences that result from this clash.

eBook TAGS    mother son sex, Mom Son Incest, taboo Erotica, milf, forbidden love Sex


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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