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Cat & Dog Bestiality Erotica

Title:  Down Boy, Down!

Series:  N/A

Author: Kit Snowy

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  9,913 Words

ISBN:  LC4500090

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3D Ebook Cover - Down Boy, Down! ~ by Kit Snowy

Down Boy, Down!


Kit started to feel bad now as she watched the dog’s expression. She sighed with sadness and guiltiness. “Fine, you can stay in here.” Kit said, as she put the sprayer back over her groin again.

Buster looked back up at the lady and barked. He watched as the water ran over that same spot as before, and he saw the lady’s face. It looked like the poor lady was in shock to Buster, with the wide-open mouth, and the weird moaning noises coming from the mouth every few seconds. Buster could feel the water and some other types of stuff streaming down the bathtub and in-between his paws. He felt curious so he moved his black wet nose to the area of the water. His nose hit the spot with the water streaming down, and then he licked at the spot and the water at the same time.

Kit could feel the tongue now, and it felt kinky. She let a moan escape her throat, before she looked at the dog, and tried to shoo him away. “Shoo, Buster. We can’t do this type of thing with each other.” She pushed on the dog, but he whined. Kit sighed, and rolled her eyes. “Fine, just get it over with it.”

Buster moved his tongue back over the round object on the body, and then licked up and down, and around the full length of the crotch. He could smell the sexual juices now, and it made his cock start to get hard in the process. He wanted more now, so Buster stopped licking, and moved onto Kit.

“No, Buster, we can’t fuck each other.” Kit said, as she tried to move the dog away from her. Nothing happened though, and her body actually slid down some more, and soon she felt the hard cock slip inside her drenched pussy. Kit yelped out, and then moaned as the water hit her clit, and the cock jammed into her pussy.

Buster growled happily as he felt the tightness wrap around his cock. It felt different than a female dog’s hole. The little grooves inside the human hole moved around and up and down over his slippery ding-dong. He bucked his hips back and forth, causing his cock to move in quick and fast. His cock moved his deep and hard.

Kit closed her eyes, and enjoyed the animal on top of her. “You feel good Buster!” she said, as she continued to let the dog bang against her hard. The water continued to flow onto her clit, causing her to cum again. Her juices let the cock move in easier, and the cock slipped out, but Buster got it back in again. The cock moved in and out, fast and hard.

After a few more strokes, Buster felt his cock slip out again, so he jammed it back towards the hole again, but this time, the hole felt a little bit tighter. It didn’t feel as wet, so Buster slowed down a little bit.

“Oh god, Buster! Wrong hole!” Kit said in a loud tone.

Buster didn’t understand what the human said, so he continued to move in and out of the hole. Slow and steady. In and out. He liked the new tightness, and it caused him to thrust harder now. But he didn’t want Kit to yell louder, so he leaned down and licked Kit on the neck and then down to her round looking dots.



Seeing the hot vet doctor never felt as good as this time around! Hot sex with the vet doctor, plus the big cocked Kitty, made Kit's day! Plus, she finds out she babysits a dog, later on, in the day, and the dog gets frisky to!

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eBook TAGS    Bestiality, Masturbation, Cat human sex, Dog Human sex, Human human sex, Human Human animal sex

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