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Mother Son Incest Erotica

Title:  Getting Behind Mom

Series:  CB-4538 Companion Book (1986)

Author: Kathy Andrews

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  A Peter Magnum Edition

Language: English

Length:  30,706 Words

ISBN:  LC1000231

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Getting Behind Mom ~ CB-4538 Companion Book (1986) ~ by Kathy Andrews

Getting Behind Mom


Tony stood straight, his hips arching slightly, as if proud of his hard-on. But he just stood there, not opening his pants.

"You first," Judy said again, her voice barely audible.

"You promise, Mother?" Tony asked, excitement in his voice. "You'll let me see, too? You won't change your mind?"

Judy shook her head. "No, I won't change my mind, darling."

The breeze caught the hem of her torn skirt, lifting it. Her pink panties flashed to her hip.

Tony didn't take his cock out.

He dropped his pants completely.

Judy's breath stuck in her throat. She was staring at her son, naked between his waist and his knees, his cock jutting out with hardness, his cockhead smooth and swollen. She gazed with slitted eyes, seeing his long cockshaft, his round cockhead, his small piss-hole, and his precious balls dangling below.

There was no hair, and somehow that excited her very much.

Tony seemed very excited to have his cock exposed to her, and she watched it jerk up and down. She wanted to grab his prick, to feel it, to stroke it, to play with his beautiful balls, but she sat frozen, her eyes hot, eating his cock and balls up, her cunt on fire.

"Oh, God, Tony!" she moaned, a delicious tremor going through her.

Tony took hold of his cock, closing his fist about it. When he squeezed, his cockhead looked ready to burst. His balls seemed to twitch, and Judy balled her fist up, fighting to keep from grabbing his cock and balls.

Tony didn't say anything, but began to pump his cock. Judy stared, fascinated, sitting on the grass, her torn skirt flapping gently in the breeze, her panties flashing each time it was lifted.

"Want to see something, Mother?" Tony asked, his voice cracking with desire. "Want to see what I can do?"

"I know what you can do," she replied in a breathless voice, her eyes never moving from his cock.

"You can watch me do it, Mother," he said, and began to jack his cock, sliding his tight fist back and forth from his swollen cockhead to his prick base, his balls jiggling with motion.

"Tony…" she mewled, her voice husky. She hugged her knees tightly to her tits, licking her lips, staring hard at his cock and fist.



Judy has always been an adventurous woman. Nothing can stop her from acting on her sexual impulses, not even her family! When Judy’s handsome son starts to take notice of her though, what’s Judy to do? Could a loving mother really neglect her son, or should she let her taste for the taboo get the better of her? Judy and her son are about to start their decent into depraved biological sex, which may or may not stay concealed behind closed doors.

eBook TAGS     Mother Son Incest, MILF Mom, Taboo Kinks, Forbidden Sex, Depraved Hardcore Sex, anal sex, unprotected biological taboo, Vintage 1970's Pulp Fiction Erotica


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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The Original 1983 Cover